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I am no hero, I never wanted to be anyone.  I am just a selfish man trying to cover my sins. Those fucking earrings that appeared a week ago in front of me have terrified me. I have no clue how and from where they appeared. But I do know, they belong to her. Her name was Taron Albert Gilligan, I called her Talia. The last time I saw her was a second before the nuclear blast vaporised her. I think she wanted to tell me something, but it was too late. I was never a hero, else I would have saved her.

Dr. Kuriens, surprisingly, knocked on my door as I was lost in my thoughts. He had that disturbing smile on his face like always. I knew he was upto something.

“So, Alzador, you cannot transfer emotions if the person is not willing, you already know that.”

“Yes, I do.” I replied.

“When you transfer your emotions, I have told this before also, you transfer a portion of your energy, emotions is nothing but a surge of energy, it maybe positive or negative. The different variety of emotions depends on how you channelise these emotions inside the recipient.”

“I know all this, Dr. Kuriens.”

“What you do not know is what what happens to that surge of energy when the recipient rejects it, like..”

“The old lady did.”

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“Exactly, the energy surge is too one dimensional at that point of time and you cannot retrieve it back in your body.  It has nowhere else to go.”

“What happens to it, Dr. Kuriens?”

“The energy surge is so humongous, it creates a kind of singularity, Alzador. It breaks through time-space continuum. It becomes infinite. It opens up the possibility of time travel, which I am not sure of but yes, it maybe possible.”

I took out the earrings from my pocket and tossed it up. Things had started to make sense theoretically. Only thing left to do was to check its practicality.

“The only problem is when the recipient rejects the energy surge, he may invariably die.” Dr. Kuriens scoffed.

“So, there is no way I can create the circumstances to time travel without killing anyone.”

“Yes, not possible, only the human body can have that effect.”

“I have killed many, I can’t kill more.” I sighed.

Dr. Kuriens left the door open and walked out slowly in his thoughts. I analysed everything, every strange incident that had happened after the old lady’s death. Those earrings were perhaps sent by Talia when the space-time continuum was broken. But why would she do that?  The only way to find out was killing someone in the process…


Unless, I time-travel back into the past and never kill that person in the process of establishing the space-time continuum. Things were confusing and so was my life. I had a chance to see Talia again. The only question was who would I kill?

I had to kill, for I am not a hero, I am just a selfish man.


To be continued…..

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