Must Read Alzador Chapter 1

There’s only one thing that wrecks us all. Unconditional love! To get back to Talia, I needed to kill someone, such a small price isn’t it? I wasn’t even sure the space-time continuum would actually be formed. What if the conditions were different this time. The probabilities and outcomes could not be computed, even by Dr. Kuriens.

“What if you I kill someone who deserves to die, someone like a criminal or a mass murderer?” I asked Dr. Kuriens.

“Nothing will happen, at that point of time, he should be unwilling to accept that emotion. Even if he is neutral towards your emotion acceptance, there is no use. And it has to be the exact emotion you have to transfer that he is unwilling to accept, else there would be no energy surge.”

“It’s too complex.”

“So is life..” he replied. The only bulb illuminating the room burst into flames. Both of us could hear footsteps approaching us in the darkness. It seemed as if with every step the person took towards us, the air around became even more still, I could sense the intensity of silence increasing as the footsteps screeched through the eerie darkness. I felt a tender hand touching my elbow. A female hand on my elbow was quite shocking to be honest. She whispered in my ears.

“Make me happy, Alzador.” She had a flashlight in her hands which she had preferred not to use till now. She pointed the light on my face and switched it on. She smiled sarcastically.

“I thought perhaps, all this pain will change you Alzador, but your face still hasn’t lost its charm.”

“Who are you?” Dr. Kuriens asked.

“It would be better if you observe silence for a few moments, whoever the hell you are.” She pointed the flashlight momentarily on Dr. Kuriens.

“Alzador, you needed someone to kill, here I am. Kill me and create history.”

“How do you know about all this?”

“I am the reason you want to go back in time, Alzador.” She brought her face slowly into the flashlight’s aura. In the darkness , her face slowly illuminated like a printout rampaging through a printer. For a second, I lost all my powers or so I thought.

“You should have saved me.” She screamed.

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“It cannot be, Talia, you’re still alive. I was coming back through time to save you.”

“This is not a science fiction movie. I have been keeping an eye on both of you for a few days now. Your theories are absurd. you think you can go back and stop the nuclear blast, change the course of history. Bullshit! And I am not Talia. I am your worst fear. You never knew but you have another superpower, Alzador. Just like transferring emotions, your worst fear can sometimes come to life. you haven’t thought about someone or something so much, have you? You have always feared that you wronged her. So, here I am .”

I felt nauseated. Was it even possible? My fear personified in front of me. Things were surely even more complicated now.  She took out a small knife and wiped it clean against her trousers.

“You have always feared losing Dr. Kuriens, haven’t you?”

“Yes.” I replied in fear.

She slit his throat horizontally and jumped out of the window.

My fears were somehow my biggest enemy.

I literally had to face them.

With great powers, come even greater curses. I knew I couldn’t win against them. For I have always been a coward.


To be continued….

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