You don’t get to choose who you will end up with, your enemies, your friends, your loved ones, that is the most deceptive and yet beautiful thing about life. There were two Alzadors, one from the past and one, that was me. And Talia was no more.  I had spent hours on the cliff trying to convince the other Alzador to help Talia back to her timeline. But he was adamant not to, after knowing the real side of the story. Gosh, I was not able to convince myself only. I wanted to hold his neck and hurt him till he agreed, but Alas! He was just me who was probably a bit less hurt and immature. And the thing that I forgot amongst all this chaos was that the Alzador from the past had still not overcome his fears.

And from the ashes of his fear, I could see the doctor sprinting towards us.

“Alzador, rememeber your m other’s lap, the way you used to cry after your father…”

“I am tired of remembering that image.” He interrupted me.

“You need to and conquer your fear.” I replied.

” I need not to and I don’t want to.” He was adamant, after all he was me.

The doctor leaped over him with a knife in his hand. The other Alzador had no clue what had just hit him. He was still not prepared for all this. He was still not betrayed by Talia, he had still not gone through the feeling of being miused. He was still weak. I just remembered, that I was back in my timeline, I had my powers back with me. I ran towrads the doctor who was trying to strangle the other Alzador to death. I held his hand and transferred some courage into him. I wish I could teach him how it felt to be the future Alzador.  I pushed him aside from the clutches of the doctor. I tried transferring my emotions to the doctor, but it was futile. My powers did not work on him. Perhaps, he was just a segment of our fear, mine and the other Alzador. There was only one way, to overcome those fucking fears.

I held the other Alzador’s hand who was comprehending hard to understand things.

“Have you ever wanted to take revenge against everything that is or will be done wrong to you?” I shouted. He understood me this time. My powers worked on him.

“Yes” He whispered.

“Do you want to know how does it feel like, when you have no inhibitions, no fear at all?”

“Yes”. He whispered again. The doctor was staring at both of us.  I could see my death in his eyes, but I had decided to conquer that.

“You see that fucking fear standing in front of you, he will scare you, he will haunt you with hi silliest acts, but do you know what he deserves?” I yelled and my voice echoed across the hills from the cliff.

“He needs to go.” The other Alzador replied. The doctor leaped towards us. I held his hands, the other Alzador held his legs. I stole the knife from his hands and plunged it into his eye socket, then on his nose and I stabbed him till there was no visible flesh on his body. The other Alzador encouraged me all the way. His fear was also conquered. For the first in our lives, we both felt satisfied for having killed someone so brutally.  The docotor’s body vaporised away slowly.

I walked towards Talia, so did the other Alzador. He patted my back and spoke something that I will always be proud of.

“I have also loved her as much as you do. I do not want to know if she has betrayed me. If she wants to go back to her timeline, I will do that. And know that, I am proud of what I have become.”

“Are you sure you want to?” I asked.

“Yes, I do because I love her as much as you do.”

I left the other Alzador and Talia on the cliff. I was sure he would take care of her, he was me after all and I don’t give up on people.

I was back in my timeline, my Earth, doing what I did best. Helping people overcome their traumas, their pain. yes, I had travelled through time. But that wasn’t so great. Spreading a smile over some depressed soul, well that was happiness.

Throughout your life, people will betray you, they will lie, cheat and manipulate you for their own good. You will be misused. You will feel like ripping the apart, savouring the revenge that will feed your ego.

But it is not worth it.

Forgive them, but don’t forget about it.

I am Alzador, and I transfer emotions, I help poeple with their troubles.

If you need my help me. Give out a call.

I am not a hero, but I can surely do my best to make sure you are back to normal.


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