Must Read Alzador Chapter 1

My fears are controlling me, every single godamn fucking fear of mine can come to life, who would have thought about that? My powers are as useless as an used condom, I can’t use my powers for my own good. But the good thing is I finally found someone who was ready to sacrifice, sacrifice his life so that I could enter the space-time continuum. His name is Bin Khureshi, a lost saint who travelled all the way from Israel to meet me.

“I have been as cursed as you are, Alzador. I have been hibernating in the mountains since the Nuclear blast. I was affected by it as well. Although I don’t have any powers. My liver was genetically altered during the blast, I cannot digest food any more. I am always on a liquid diet. I guess, for me it is true when they say water is life.”

“What do you want?” I patted his shoulder and asked.

“She was the chief scientist at the nuclear lab. I was one of the fellow interns who was assisting her. I loved her and I could give my life to see her again. Although, she never knew that I did. We never spoke, perhaps she did not even know that I existed. Her name was Roma Nair. I want to sacrifice myself , so that she could be saved.”

And I thought I was the only one proud of his “holding onto their past and regretting about their love” capabilities.  Bin died when I forcefully transferred some joy into him and he rejected it. The energy surge was humongous, I guess he could never have been joyful after what happened to him. I was thrown out of a wormhole into a lake. It was absurdly real or surreal, it was hard to tell. I had just travelled through time. For hours I could not make out where I exactly was. I tried my hardest but with no luck until I reached a board which had the local map on the side of a highway. None of the names on the board made any sense. I asked around people firstly about Bangalore, then Delhi and finally, India…

Nobody knew anything about it. I roamed around clueless for days together, stealing food from here and there. I finally found a huge hoarding of the Prime minister. His face was same as the one during my timeline. Only his name was different. ‘Satyendra Modi’.

What the fuck had happened?

And below that hoarding was a mother of two escorting her children to school. She was Talia. Ten minutes later, she slapped me and clarified again that her name was Maria Garfield and not Talia.

That slap bought me to senses. I had screwed up my entire life. That is why time travel is not advised. Because each event in a particular timeline can lead to different consequences. The timeline I was in had different order of events. And hence, everything was different. It was not the same as mine. Nothing was. I was screwed.

A small child was dragging my pants down as I was lost in my time travel induced nostalgia. I could feel pain in his eyes. I gently held his hand and transferred some joy into him. unfortunately, he started crying even more louder. I tried again, nothing else happened. His wailing increased to only confuse me more.

I had lost my powers.

How the fucking hell was I supposed to go back now?


To be continued…

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