Next Time Will Be the Last “You Damm!!! Prostitutes?” Final Part


Next Time Will Be the Last “You Damm!!! Prostitutes?”

Part III

“The economic system that pays women lower wages than it pays men actually punishes women for working outside marriage or prostitution. Mission to create neutral society without allowing sexual suckers”.

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 He lied on the bed to get some rest. He could not see very well. Her youthful, rapacious face, with smoky eyes, leaned over him as he sprawled there. ‘Are you ready to accept my present?’ she demanded, half wheedling, half menacing. He thought for a while and spoke with interest- “Come here. Not a bad mouth. Come here. Come closer” Ah!

His spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. No. The booze, it must be. One last try. No, no use. Not this evening, he was afraid. After a while he made a clumsy gesture. ‘Here, give me that bottle. That bottle off the dressing-table.’ After some chemistry was established and soon he got drunk as he was too tired travelling all those long ways. The lady then threw her fake mask and came into her true colors. She removed his golden chains, bracelets and cash. He was already asleep.

Next morning his friends came to his room and called him for coffee. As he got up he realized that something went wrong as he could not see his purse and chains. He was robbed. They went to the reception immediately and reported to the owner of the motel. They were informed that day was the last day that lady served in the motel. She had quit her job and had ran away in search of her next victim. They could not report to the police as well as they will be furnishing illegal deeds of prostitution.

All the friends shouted in rage “Next Time Will Be the Last “You Damm Prostitutes!!!”

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