Love is the most abused four letter word after “FUCK”. It’s misused, manipulated and mauled to the core. In a different timeline, many years ago Talia was my lifeline. Hardly did I know, that she was playing a crossed line with my life. She used me to get back to her own time. Trust me, it feels awesome to have been used and thrown away. It can spur the most outrageous aspects of your rage. Anger is all that controls me. Now, she wants to use me again. And me , like the man I’ve always been was at her disposable. Even if she never loved me, I did, and I am not going to give up on my side of the deal ‘I will always love her.’

“So, how do you plan to go about this? I don’t have my powers any more.” I asked Talia.

“That’s one thing I didn’t account for, now, did I. Yet, there is one way we can still do this. Remember those earrings I sent you through time pulses.”


“If only I can create time pulses that can transport human bodies..”

“And how will that be possible.”

“I need a medium that can sustain so much energy and transfer it through the space-time continuum. And you are the only one who can do it.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Alzador, your body is used to handle so much energy, I have manipulated it like that when we were together. No other metal, semi-conductor, material can do that. You are the ultimate absorbent.”

“You mean, you will use my body for the time pulses and go back to your time. How will I go back?”

“I am still trying to figure that out..” She replied

“How can you be so self…” The lone light bulb in the room burst. It was a similar feeling. Deja vu.

Although I had lost my powers, my worst fear was coming to life again. Dr. Kuriens broke through the roof and landed in front of me like a Ninja warrior. I had been thinking about it of late. Him coming back and questioning me.

“You could have saved me, Alzador” Dr. Kuriens shouted.

“Don’t listen to him…he is just your fear.” Talia spoke with a voice filled with ambiguity.

“I always helped you, Alzador, and you left me there to die. My throat was slit in front of you and you just stood there.”

“Don’t listen to him..” Talia spoke loudly.

It was me against my fears once again. If only I could control them, conquer them and unleash them. It was me against my mind’s primal fears. Dr. Kuriens walked towards me with a knife in his hand.

“It’s time to slit your throat” he stared at me.

Deep inside I wanted to die, but finally it was time to be a hero. Despite being betrayed, thrown out of time, being used and abused, I had the will to live. I guess, that’s what fear does to you. it fucking motivates you.


To be continued….



Must read Alzador Chapter 9

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