“Broken Pieces of Emotion”


Herein words get senselessly auctioned,
Bidding and wrestling amongst each other;
Floating on a canopy of thoughts,
Under my porch of expressionless existence.

Ooh..! Though…Although it all happens in my mind.
It reaches to form a pyramid of sentence there,
Somewhere here and there for once and always;
But suddenly dismantles to break down by itself,
And falls to settle down in an intrinsic coffin of mine,
My subconsciously unconscious, consciousness.
To get buried and might never resurrect again;
As tiny broken pieces of emotion,
For a melancholia to drain out;
And bounty of happiness to gain,
In broken pieces of emotion;
Ooh…! No, not again.

Moments races against each other,
To leave an everlasting eternal conclusion;
Of some lost smiles,
Which had to get captured;
When miles and miles were walked,
Gripping to hold hands in hand;
To never miss those days again.

Droplets of tear races against themselves,
To determine which one to shed;
And which one needs to be saved and restored,
Ooh.. wish, I never lamented.
In my mind,
In my heart;
For your life,
For me, Mine and Yours,
Ooh..!!! No, never again,
As any nobodies feeling Soul to fail,
To get drained and evaporate in vain;
Melting from broken pieces of emotion again,
Ooh…! No, not again.

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