An Adult Orphan’s Cry


Was it really so necessary,
For you both to get married;
Was it so obligatory,
For you to divorce and separate;
Was it damn compulsory,
For you to get me born;
Was it really really required,
For you to leave me all alone.

Your bitter memories of togetherness,
Haunts the bachelor boy in me;
Your fuming anger for each other,
Would scare me forever;
Ooh! And the Lover in me is dead,
Already murdered.
Was a compromise impossible?
Never ever, after all;
Your ego and principles had to stand tall.
Did anyone from you,
Ever try wearing my shoe;
To see how the World looks like,
For an unfortunate single parent child.

Ooh! Now after a decade and half,
When you both are dead;
Have departed so far,
My words are my relieving sighs;
An adult orphan’s cry.
I sing my miseries,
Write with my tears;
Rhyme my fears,
Until my last breath disappears.

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