Take me to the lands,
Where GOD carelessly hibernates;
Somewhere,…where the first ray of sun touches,
To embrace and kiss the Earth mildly.
With its hands of glory,
In the lands of stories.

Because, my nostalgia still resides there;
Where I strolled down the alleys of my life,
From birth till adolescence,
To ripen from the youths;
And finally become a nomadic man,
To rest at non-peace;
In the distant land to pamper,
And nourish my unease.

Those Eastern winds gently used to lovingly slap me,
And has caressed me today again;
Whispering few hidden secrets into my ears.
When I imagine those early morning mists,
Conceiving on freshly blossomed Rose’ petals;
So touched by those crystal dew drops,
I scribble again,
Scribbling on my old lost slate of memories,
Losing in my distant memory lane.

There where, everyday arrived with new lessons of life,
And a few spoonful of surprises to teach every time.
There where, every night would depart,
Singing transcendental warm lullabies.
Ooh..! Come and take me to that land of mine;
To meet my needs,
Drinking from the blue seas.
Whilst, I meet my memorable desired ends.
Someday, somewhere in the lands,
From where, the calling calls me every time.

All Copyrights Reserved © by Akash Sagar

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