Every story usually has a prince and a princess, mine was much similar. I met this funny,pretty looking girl in the mid-summer of 2010 . It was more like a love at first sight for me,even tho
I flirt with lot of girls, this particular one was different from the rest. Just few days after we met I asked her out.

I had to wait 3 long months for her to accept me as her boyfriend . I was a drunk and had a very bad reputation in my college. She wanted to me change my image from a Romeo to the marriage material type of a guy. There was something about her that made me do anything to make her happy. So yes I did change myself for her.

Like every other story we lived in our own kingdom, but yet we faced lot of problems. No matter how big the problem were we faced it and overcame the problems. And I had to do something to look after my princess and I decided to come to the IT valley looking for a job.

I began looking for a job and after 5 months I ended up in a Start up company. The work over there was a pretty hectic tho. I could not complain much back then as that was my first job. She started working too. But she was unhappy that her prince was not with her . She used to cry almost everyday asking me to come back. As time started passing by , I started ignoring her tears cos I had the attitude that ” Whatever I am doing its for both of us, why cant she understand that”. And so the days went on and I got busy with my work, but I did not let that affect my relationship . And lucky for us , we both could skype . That kept the fire burning between both of us.

After a year I decided to tell my family about her, I always thought they would not accept this relationship. But to my surprise they did and my mom was very supportive. As all love story goes nothing works without complications. I approached her parents they denied me right away cos I was from a middle class family and they wanted their daughter to marry someone who is rich. I tried my best to convince them but all my efforts went in vain, I never gave up on the relationship. My father used to tell me ” You cannot understand the value of things when you have it, you would realize it only when they are gone. So whatever you have, just hold on to it.”

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We were not ready to part ways, she decided to come to Bangalore to be with me, but she just could not leaver her family. The days started getting difficult for us, as she was being pressurized to marry someone and she chose to leave me and marry a rich guy. I was lost not sure how to deal with a break up, I used to call up my friends who had a good love life to take an advice from them. I started spending my nights by drinking all alone, hoping to forget this immense pain.

I went back to my hometown to a friends wedding and there I met a lovely girl. She seemed to be loving and caring towards me. To overcome my break up I decided to get engaged with this girl. I just rushed into things without thinking twice of the outcome. One thing I forgot was to go ahead in life , I had to move on from my past. So I planned to get engaged with this new girl….. but my past kept knocking at my door. She kept contacting me and I just could not ignore someone whom I was so madly in love with.

I still had hopes that she might come back to me. I thought my life would be like an “Abbas-Mastan” movie, some kind a twist would come up and change the course of events. But then this was a simple life of a normal person , I got to know she was already engaged to her boss. She never told me about this, she got engaged on 26th of march and that day is nothing but just a black day in my life.

My friends were supportive kept telling me that my past has already gone past by me, they asked me not to drink everyday. I just smile at them and tell them “e ishq nahi aasa, Itna to samajh lejiye…Ek Aag ka dariya hai, aur doob ke jaana hai …. ”

I had two choices either get engaged to the new girl or just be alone with all the pain I was going thru. And I chose my second option, I cancelled my engagement thinking that I cannot be happy with someone else. I called my past once again and asked her why she hid from me that she was engaged to someone else, she told me she would tell me why someday and so I am waiting……….

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