Ages have gone, millennia crawled,
Time has been our witness to standing still,
The tides have gushed and slapped us,
Lapped us gently too!
We could not stay insensitive to the elements that celebrated themselves around us.
We have given ourselves to moss and foliage that wave to the winds and clouds.
We have seen the seas rage and maraud,
We have blazed reflecting angry volcanoes spew their fires ,
The moonlight drench us with sagas of the moon’s orbit,
And for all of nature’s turmoils we have stood unflinching.
The heavens have wailed in tropical rains and torrential downpours.
We please the eyes and give colour to the murk and the bleak,
A grey tone is all there is around.
We have grown with the Earth
Now we are consecrated in our stoicism.
We have evolved.
We are temples too.
Do you worship us too?

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