I am faded
The last image of humanity before armageddon
With my substantial bag of insults
Licking everyone’s feet, lost in my echoes
I do not have a room in my own house of meekness
Endless inefficacies that I have nurtured inside me
All tell me a story that I am an underdog forever
I am not in pixels, I am virtually impossible
Dissolving in an abyss of my own confinement
Dark, therefore I am

I am faded
How far can I carry my bag of insults?
Quantified by vehemence that stirs volcanoes
Rigid, rugged and rabid
I am the alibi every hapless can quote
And yet I am flying in shame that burns the thought
And they all prick me with heads held high
I am not in a crowd and so I am a cracking mortal
Just a drop for the unknown pain to be drunk
I think, therefore I am

I am faded
Going down in history as the remarkable gentleman
The one who willingly pinches the whores from hell
Catching my breath to burn slowly from inside
Grazing everything that is black and morbid
Thank me for I abuse the privileges of sanity
Hate me for I attempt to be human
For somewhere in this forsaken hell called earth
I seek peace in what lies beyond violence of the good old times
I am Faded, therefore I am


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