“A Salty Cup of Tea with Jesus”


One fresh morning,
While sipping good morning blues with Jesus;
The King of Nazareth cried loudly,
And I died loudly;
For why He made humans..?
To corrupt the beautiful garden of Eden;
After all, why He made humans..?

Tis’ we, have spoiled the beautiful Earth;
By slaughtering the verdant greenery here,
So elegantly in every birth;
Leaving a reason to chase,
A clue to live for;
Behind and after each death.

I tasted the salty tea,
Blended with His tears;
Since His sacrificing crucifixion,
We have slurped of off him;
And I was ashamed,
To call myself as a Human;
A heinous Homo-sapien.

And I pleaded to Him,
If my death is eternally undone;
Better make me a Mosquito in next birth.
He cried loudly,
And I lied loudly.

To gently hymn living further,
For why He made humans;
To be born again and again,
After all, why He made me a human;
A heinous Homo-sapien.

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