Art By Akash Sagar

Pattu was his nick name given by the girl he loved, as his full name was Rahul Pattnaik. Rahul and Ruhi met each other in 1st PUC and its been two years since they been dating.
Rahul was back to his native, while his name was on the admission list for the new batch enrollment at Jamia Milia Islamia College in Delhi. Probably, he should have been happy but he was definitely not; rather he was confused and sad. Confused because, Ruhi has cleared her formal rounds for NIFT placement and would be moving to Bangalore the very next month, as she was keen to study accessory designing. Moreover, Rahul was sad , he knew it very well in his fickle mind and sublime heart that he was not going to study Journalism at one of the best colleges for arts and communication in India, Jamia Milia Islamia.
Rahul liked to live his life on the edge. He was confident that once he goes to Bangalore, he would be able to find any decent college, where he could get admission into any college to study Journalism. He just could not think of Ruhi and him staying in two different cities. Without any hesitation he got the tickets done and boarded the train to Bangalore; intuitively dreaming and anticipating the moment when he would meet his college time love/dream girl Ruhi.


45 days later,

In front of the main gate of NIFT College, Bengaluru:


Rahul had parked his bike in front of a departmental store and was waiting for Ruhi. They spoke over the phone and decided to have a drink at ‘Pecos’ (A famous pub in Bengaluru) and hang around in Brigade road (100 meters most famous road in Bangalore) for sometime and later spend the night at Rahul’s home and that the next morning Rahul would drop her back to the Hostel.
Although, she wanted to run and dash into Rahul’s well-built arms; she walked briskly and shouted, ‘Pattu, I am here’. Rahul quickly threw the half smoked cigarette in his hands and turned around and hugged her without wasting a single second. He started the bike showing his fully groomed flamboyance and she hugged him tightly, sitting as a pillion behind him. They arrived at Peco’s and ended up drinking 3 pitchers of beer at Pecos. They strolled along Brigade road holding hands and hugging each other . They could enjoy the freedom of free love birds, as they were in Bangalore,  far away from their home town with no one to know or identify them. No parental threats and no fear of getting caught encouraged them to display their love for each other quiet publicly.


It was around 8:45 pm; they decided to leave and headed towards Rahul’s rented house at Thippasandra. After 45 minutes’  of bike ride they reached his house. He had already informed his friends that he would be coming back with Ruhi and extravagantly sponsored their movie tickets to send them for a night show, so he could have his private time with Ruhi. Ruhi felt very comfortable, as there was no one to interrupt the romantic atmosphere  which both had spun since evening that day. Rahul went to the kitchen and came back with some grapes in a bowl, as they had no plans of having dinner that night as they were filled with the starters they had while having beer. Rahul got his laptop and played the song, ‘Have you really loved a Woman’ by Bryan Adams to keep the momentum going on. Both of them gently stood up and started swaying and hugging each other closely onto the rhythm of the sweet strums played in background.
Both started to feel the warmth and a shiver on the spine, whenever their bodies got glued in a timeless hug. Finally, Rahul  slowly advanced his lips towards her, while both were drowned in each other’s eyes. It was the first time they were lip locked ever since they fell in love; to be precise it was their first smooch. Rahul lifted Ruhi in his arms and kissed her covered belly and carried her till his room. Exotically, he made her back lean against the wall; whilst she was in her arms and kissed her body down to the ground. Carefully, he made her sit on the bed and sat as close he could have beside her; even the air between them would have got suffocated and felt ashamed for not being able to pass through two loving Souls. Within no time they undressed each other to be like Adam and Eve in Rahul’s room of Eden. They were nervous and also excited as this would be their first time love making session. They fore-played with each other for long and lastly made endless love that night, their first night together. Countless series of long kisses, random minutes of silent timelessness, sometimes restlessly panting, mixed sounds of moans and sighs and even things fell down to break into pieces in a race between their motion and momentum against rapid palpitation counts in their hearts, mind and Soul that night.
‘Pattu, I am afraid; if I would miss the lectures on apparel designing and I don’t wanna’ miss it, or else I would not be able to meet you today and to top that you have given me so many love bites last night’, Ruhi expressed her worries to Rahul. ‘Don’t worry Jaan (life), I would ride my bike at jet speed and make sure you reach on time and you would be able to come out of the Hostel today as well and we could go and watch the new movie ‘Lakshya’ . Thuddd…!!! He kicked his bike and both speedily rode through Kormangala ring road. They reached in 20 mins and Ruhi got down of the bike in front of that departmental store , right at the same place, where she sat on the bike with Rahul, the day before.


“The Final Fantasy.”

Colored candles were lit that evening,
And it continued to burn us all night;
Too passionately to attain,
The enlightenment in Love.
As rhythmic flares of lightning flashed,
To disturb a silent darkness;
So numbly that enveloped,
A carbon coated sky.
With sonorous bass riffs being played,
In sudden clasps of;
Roaring thunders to strike.
Onto which our hearts,
Just melted and palpitated fast.
Drummed our soul-cymbals,
In rapid counts synchronized with our actions.
As all of it blindingly,
Sparked a charge of current in us.
Yin versus the Yang,
Martian machine guns standing against;
The venomous fragrant Venus vamp-traps.
No matter,
It seduced and turned both of us to be on,
Ooh! Really so greedily triggered ON;
As we started to become One,
Ooh! Tis’, when we two became One.

Whilst, my gazes constantly stared,
Too naughtily at her cat-eyes.
And hers were busily blushing,
Just stealing sights from mine.
Hiding from me,
Playing sometime;
And just leaving me estranged at times,
For us to crack a mischievous smile.
As I slowly advanced in lust,
With a manly etiquette towards her.
To wrap her in my warmth,
To softly kill her with love.

In no-time,
She surrendered and turned around;
To submit her kingdom,
Her virgin pride into mine.
Freely falling as any hypnotized prey,
Cutely willing to get clutched in my arms.
As gently my lips kissed hers,
Running all across her barren neck.
And she leaned her back dashingly,
To rest upon the bolted door.
Then she closed her eyes,
And unconsciously uncombed my hairs;
With her fingers navigating,
All across me.
Times, when our lips just met;
And we got lip-locked for the first time.
In a divine poetry that fore-played,
In the first meeting of our lifetime.

With sweet honey dew in her saliva,
She quenched my thirsty taste-buds.
And we wrestled quiet hornily,
Climbing onto the bed.
Snakily crept and crawling,
Intertwined to each other;
Like any climber.
While she just moaned and I…?
Ooh! I was deeply lost in long sighs.
As two flames burned so fiercely,
Experiencing heavenly pleasures in pain.
To mingle along the heat, all night.
When we made ‘pure-love’;
Making love for the first time.

And no sooner,
We got lost willingly into;
An exuberant display of motion and speed.
As we sweated, tossed and turned,
To change and shift positions.
Jerking it carelessly hard,
And sometimes so soft, so slow.
To roll and slide upon each other,
On reaching our climax;
The pinnacle of our dreams,
Living the final fantasy of ours.

Ooh! Yeah just now,
We soared to endless miles;
Traversing through infinite skies.
Feeling a sense of freedom,
And witnessed our beings.
Whilst, we sipped the toxins,
Sunken in Champagne of love;
The tax-less wine for every soul.
As a resultant, we gasped to retire;
With our bodies exhausted and have got collapsed;
After a mighty climax of love.

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