Get Excited To Play Fantasy Kabaddi This Upcoming Season of Pro Kabaddi League


The Indian market of fantasy sports is expected to reach $5 billion. By the end of 2019, the industry is expected to have about 100 million users. Dream11, the biggest fantasy sports platform in India, has about 90% of the market share which is the reason behind the platform being the biggest player in India. Exciting, isn’t it?

Amongst the plethora of games available on Dream 11, Fantasy Kabaddi is one game which is gaining the attention of sports enthusiasts not only in the country but worldwide too. With the 7th Season of Pro Kabaddi League commencing on 20th July, every Kabaddi player is excited to try their hand on Dream11.

Fantasy Kabaddi is basically an online game where you create a virtual team of real Kabaddi players and score points depending on how your chosen players perform in real life matches. Now that’s interesting, isn’t it? You need to select 7 players which will consist of raiders, defenders and all-rounders. The selection of these players should be done with the credits given to you. Every game you play has a stipulated credit which can be used to create your own team.
Once you are set with your Fantasy Kabaddi team, you can go ahead and pick to play in an upcoming league. Your team players accumulate points from every aspect of kabaddi action on the field such as raid, tackle, as well as the man of the match!! The team with the highest points by the end of the match will be declared as the League champion.

With Pro Kabaddi League gaining success, people are now investing in Fantasy Kabaddi more than ever. Dream11 is the official partner of the International Cricket Council, Pro Kabaddi League, International Hockey Federation, National Basketball Association and Big Bash League, among others.

Playing Fantasy Kabaddi or any Fantasy sports for that matter of fact requires to put your statistical and analytical skills to test. It requires a careful and in-depth analysis of teams & players – similar to what a coach does. And while you are at it, you can win some greens too!

Once you register in the Dream11 app, you can choose to play cash contests or practice contests. Verify your PAN Card and enter your bank details to get payment from Dream11 and choose a league that suits your budget.

Every game has its own point board. Apply your skills in your dream team and get the feeling of proven right with your knowledge. And that’s all!! You can stand a chance to win some real cash which can be transferred to your bank account instantly.
However, once you’ve created your fantasy Kabaddi league, you cannot edit it. There is also a deadline for being a part of any match.
So what are you waiting for? Download the Dream 11 app today, flaunt your Kabaddi skills with Fantasy Kabaddi team and earn cash prizes while you enjoy the match.

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