How To Keep Kids Entertained During a Road Trip


Is the mere thought of spending hours in the car with your little ones giving you a headache? Well, cheer up, because all you need for a lovely road trip with your kids is a rich arsenal of entertainment. Forget all about your children throwing tantrums, and annoying you with the constant Are we there yet? but rely on the good old car fun. From games, through books, toys and various other sources of entertainment, you’ll have the most thrilling family road trip so far.

Play games with them

Would You Rather
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The one thing that children always need is entertainment. They won’t be able to just sit around and enjoy the scenery, but they’ll need something much more interesting to cut the travel time short. Therefore, think about playing various car games, such as spot an animal. Whoever spots the most animals by the road, wins. I spy with my little eye, Would You Rather, or the letter of the alphabet game, which will also keep the kids amused during the car ride.

Load up gadgets


Whether you allow your children to use electronic devices at home, or not, a road trip is a perfect opportunity to make an exception. Load up your tablet with video games that the children can play during the trip, instead of asking Are we there yet? every five minutes. Cartoons and animated movies will also keep the kids entertained, so load up a laptop or a tablet with all of their favorite and some of the new cartoons that they haven’t watched yet. Also, don’t forget to charge the gadgets and bring the chargers with you, because you never know how long it will be before the battery runs out, and you do not want to risk your kids throwing tantrums over not finishing their favorite movie.

Listen to music

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Music relieves stress and anxiety, and it’s a great road trip companion as it’ll keep all the passengers entertained as well. So, make sure you have quality audio equipment in your vehicle, to keep the entire family amused during the trip.  You can play music CDs or audiobooks, that will keep the little ones’ attention.

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Books to the rescue

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If you’d like to participate more in keeping the kids amused during the road trip, think about bringing books that you can read to them. This can also help lull them to sleep, and save you a few hours of thinking what to do next to avoid boredom. Colouring books are another great alternative, so pack a variety of crayons, and let them express their creativity to the max. Throw in a notebook and let them draw if coloring becomes boring at some point.

Travel journal

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Kids love to draw and scribble, so offer them a possibility to keep their travel journal and make a note of everything that they liked on their trip. You can find creative trip journal pages online, that you can print out and hand them to your kids so they can fill it up whichever way they want. If they can already read, then this will be a wonderful writing exercise for them as well, and if not, then they can completely express their drawing skills and have a beautiful memory of their road trip with you.

Family road trips do not necessarily have to be a nightmare if you only learn how to keep your kids entertained. So, feel free to use some of the aforementioned tips and make the next road trip the best one yet, making the time run by for both you and your bundles of joy.

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