The platelets, plasma and hemoglobin that churn,
With the petal folds of my heart to blossom a red rose,
Making their own music of a gush that I discern,
Thudding quietly as thorns of anticipation grows,

For here within, love is born ever so gently,
Taking one unawares as this flower unfolds,
Pain and joy taking turns to overlap subtly, this fist velvety,
In shades incredible painting emotions, this heart it moulds!

A rose is a symbol for love to express,
Catching the coy eyes of lovers in love,
And yet it blooms within the heart nevertheless,
Its invisible fragrance mesmerizing, in petals, hand in glove!

A feast to the eyes in gardens trimmed and tailored,
As the eventide sends a scented breeze through my window,
A spring beckons valentines rose flavored,
Of love and romance that pervades a dawn in a rosy glow.

On a rose day brave hearts bloom to propose,
Making promises for happily ever after,
May time and tide never rattle a gentle heart rose,
For love is meant to live forever never to wither!

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