A continuous doubt,
Always echoed inside me;
That there is something in the way,
Truly there was something in the way.
When we were rolling the log,
Few stones got burnt.
And somewhere hidden behind the shadows,
You mockingly frowned at me.
Tis’ when the first page of,
A book like ‘She’;
Was read to be turned by me.

Like an infinite series of questionnaire,
Clarification is your endless appetite.
And a state of melancholy every night,
Tranquilizes and slaps you to sleep.
You are an insatiable body,
A lunatic mind;
A fathomless heart,
And an un-quenched virgin soul.
Which every time lays beside me,
Like an unresolved riddle.
Whilst we endlessly make love,
Every day and for all nights.

Hey Folks…!!!
The last time I and she met,
We sold all our residual faith;
And all reminiscent trust in us.
To buy innumerable coffee beans,
Dipped in countless and infinite sips of hatred.
As we ended up in a self-contemplating break-up,
To permanently depart away from each other.
In a final good-bye,
Once and for all.

A continuous thought always triggered,
To be felt deep inside me.
That there’s something in the way,
Truly there was something always in the way.
Something between You and me.
When some buckets were turned upside-down,
And the Clock ceased to tick.
Somewhere I was bleeding to death,
And you mockingly kept frowning at me.

Ooh..! And as of then,
The last page of a book like ‘She’,
Was read to be turned by me.

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