LIFE, Wait! I'm falling.....

Sometimes it’s funny how just when you think your life is under your control, it breaks free and runs away from you… leaving you chasing and cursing after it.

Let’s imagine a metaphorical scenario.

Say, you are walking down a beautiful street with your dog on the leash. Let’s name it “LIFE”. As you strut on the street, you feel confident, your hair is perfect, the dress you wear is impeccably white, you smile at people crossing your way and even throw in an occasional ‘hi, how are ya..’. People look at you- some with awe, some with jealousy. Some even compliment your dog, which, as I mentioned before, is a metaphor for your LIFE. Your LIFE looks perfect to others… Peaceful, happy and content.

As you walk down the cobbled footpath with your head held high, you fail to notice a small rock and step on it. Your ankle suddenly twists in an unnatural angle and you see yourself going down on your knees. Well almost…

You don’t fall….. because, before you can, LIFE decides at that exact moment, to launch into a sprint while tugging sharply at its leash in your hand. You’re blank for a moment not able to comprehend the sudden shift in the status quo. You take two wobbly steps forward to stop your fall and then realise that LIFE has escaped your grasp & control. It’s leash is no longer in your hand.

What follows is a series of embarrassing events that you go through, in your struggle to get hold of your LIFE back.

You run. Your perfect hair is dishevelled as it blows in the wind while you dash in wild panic.

Your white dress isn’t white anymore, as you brush yourself against cars and trees in a hurry.

The smile on your face is replaced with anxiety and worry, not forgetting the embarrassment that accompanies with having onlookers.

People who would otherwise greet you politely are looking at you run and passing snide comments or even laughing.

LIFE is running away from you and there’s nothing you can do but chase it down and look like a complete fool in the process.

Finally you find it sitting in front of a meat shop… waiting for a piece of bone.

You heave a sigh of relief even as you watch it scratching and licking its balls. You’re infuriated and would like to give it a good beating but then your eyes are beginning to brim with tears…

You see your LIFE down in the dirt, waiting for a bone, while licking its balls… It’s not a perfect sight.

Your LIFE… The not-so-perfect rascal; the one that gives the impression of being peaceful, is one helluva bitch.

But you love it nevertheless.

You get down on your knees and hug that little bastard with tears streaming down your worn out, tired face.

In that moment you realise that no matter how often you feel like giving up, you still love your LIFE.

So you get up and you take hold of the leash, and BAM! You’re in control again!


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