Compensation and Criminal Justice


States obligation for horrific crimes.

In our system compensation to victims is a least recognised component. According to Article 357A under the Code of Criminal Procedure the states have to set up a fund from which compensation can be paid to victims of crime and criminal justice depending on their suffered loss and injury.
However, the question is whether this system being implemented in our country.
Rasool Banu the 2002 gang rape survivor, the Supreme Court ordered to provide her with restitutive justice.
While on paper there are ways to access rehab and compensation reality such schemes haven’t been implemented in many states.
Even though 11 people were sentenced death penalty by the court under Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi along with compensation by the state , a house and a government job was ruled by the court .
Heinous crimes don’t just destroy ones identity but also the psychological wellbeing of the person. It takes lot of time and courage to reshape oneself into the old regimes .
In such severe situations only justice never leads to the true welfare of the individual .
Hence, compensation in times of criminal justice should be made mandatory for the state governments based on sound principles.

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