I was lost on the bridge between reality and the unreal. I opened the visor of my helmet and felt the rain drops pierce my beard like bullets. I didn’t know where I was. I was on some empty and dark stretch of road from the past one hour looking at the white strips passing below the tires of my bike.

‘How could not she be real?” That was the only data in my mind. It was my fifth day without sleep. I was in a delirium and hence on the peak of my creativity. ‘Her mesmerizing eye weren’t real?’ I shifted a gear up and progressed the accelerator as raindrops spattered on my face through the visor opening. Trust me, they hurt less. ‘Alcatraz was screwed’ I felt like a MONSTER whose ferocity had been stolen. And suddenly, out of nowhere I saw her standing in middle of the road. I applied both the rear and front brakes together, the bike could not handle the sudden shift of momentum. It slipped across the road like a cheesecake.

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My eyes were closed for a long time, I was wondering if this is how hell would be. Permanently dark. My life was being played in front of my eyes. The visceral realization of how being strong was just an illusion. How being so mentally and emotionally mature was just an illusion. All it took was that one feeling of being loved by someone to bring me to ground zero. MARINARA was just an illusion I had created for myself, to bring me out of the eternal hole I was living in. I just wanted to be with her, heal myself and walk again on Earth the way I was meant to. Marinara was the retreat from my pain induced schedule of existing.

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I opened my eyes and saw my bike parked onto the left of the road next to me. It had been just seven minutes since I had slipped and a good entire life since I had slipped from the Art Of Living. I was perhaps, way too tolerant. My bike had a few scratches here and there. My knee was bruised and my heart was almost murdered. I stood up and brushed the dust off my jacket. ‘Somebody must have picked up me and my bike to the side of the road.’

Next day, I entered hoping not to see her. Her chair was empty. I was relieved. Perhaps, Marinara taught me a very important lesson.  What lesson? I don’t know. But after all the imaginary moments I had with her, I realized sometimes it’s nice to imagine how good your life can be. Thing is, you need to sometimes live the actual life as well. I stared at her chair for a few seconds. Smiled and turned around.

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My jaws fell, my feet were shaking and the phone in my hand fell to the ground. Marinara was smiling at me. That someone else was with her again. My friend passed by me and he greeted her.

‘Hi, Marinara’. my friend said sporting a pretentious smile.

She greeted him back and so did that someone else.

Her bag brushed my hand as she walked past me adorned with that same lethally illegal smile. She stared at me for a few seconds. I searched around but there was no knife to kill myself, so I let go of that feeling.

‘I know you like her’ My friend punched my shoulder.

She was real after all.

Oh! Marinara, Alcatraz is so screwed. Please don’t fuck my mind.


To be continued…….

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