Marinara, the devil in angelic form or the angel in a devilish disguise. So, there I was all by myself trying to get a hold of myself. Although, she knew everything, she behaved as if nothing had happened. I wonder how she got the courage to do that. It just took one entangled stare and I knew I could never get past her for centuries. My weirdness had outgrown my already existing weirdness, that was really weird. I was in this neo-noir environment where she was the protagonist and I was the antagonist. I didn’t have the courage nor the strength to steal some glimpses from her. I constantly started mapping her movements in my mind, noting down when she leaves, when she enters. Now, people would call me a crazy stalker, completely out of his senses. Fact is, even I would call myself that.

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One fine evening, when I saw her leave, I waited, scanned my watch a few times and immediately ran out towards the exit of the building. She was nowhere. I knew the road she would take. I rushed to my bike, kicked it to life and sped myself through the grumpy parking basement I hated to visit everyday. The road was crowded, I was cautious enough to scan the upcoming crowd, searching for Marinara. She was nowhere to be seen on the road. The road almost came to an end. It had rained and so some of the potholes were filled with rainwater. I realized I had to turn around and head back. There was no way I was going to catch a glimpse. I looked behind, there were no vehicles. I turned my bike around and exactly a half way into the turn I let go off my bike. There was no one around to see me fall in the pothole filled with creamy mud. My helmet was all painted and so were my clothes.

I picked up my bike, rode it back in the same manner, completely decorated in mud. It started raining as I stopped my bike and pulled the stand to rest it. I stood in the rain for a few seconds washing myself. I took out the helmet and brushed the mud off from my hair. The rain increased in intensity along with my desperateness.

‘Why did I just let go off my bike? Am I so weak to not come to terms with something, am I so weak to let go off things?’ My mind scolded me.

‘It happens rarely with you, don’t give up that easily. There is always a way.’ My heart blurted.

I turned around and saw her holding hands with someone else. She looked at him with a spark so infinite that I bowed my head down, walked towards the exit and twitched my nose.

‘It was a battle within me, my heart against my mind’.

Fuck them Both!!!!


To be continued…..

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