Next Time Will Be the Last “You Damm Prostitutes”


Next Time Will Be the Last “You Damm!!! Prostitutes?”

Part I Prostitution or a grammatically incorrect flower shop

He was going back to his home town which was 400 miles away from where his work place was located. After loading his bags with his stuff and gifts for his family, the road to his home seemed floating alongside him. He was accompanied with his three good friends. Abishek, Dharmendra and Sunny had many things in common to share. Their carefree and lavish lifestyle could be reflected anywhere they went.

The deluxe bus started with an ignition emitting thick cloud of smoke. All the passengers seemed to be in jolly mood secretly wishing for the safe journey towards and onwards. After the distance got shorter by 150 miles a tragedy happened. Another bus which was ahead of them met an accident and the road was completely disturbed by the agony. He along with his three friends came off the bus and noticed that they were not going to have the way out until tomorrow. The driver announced that the journey will resume after the road gets cleared and hence everyone were requested politely to make their arrangements.

He and his friends decided to look around the area and hired a taxi. The taxi driver was pleased to have four gentlemen in his taxi. He greeted humbly and after some conversation he found out that the guys in his taxi were new to the place. The taxi driver took them around the area and all of them had a good time together. Somewhere they used to stop for some beer and snacks and move on. After knowing that the passengers in his taxi had to halt that night in a motel, the taxi driver gave a signal to Sunny. The driver touched the right cleft of his nose and signaled if they wanted to be presented with a prostitute tonight. Sunny looked to his friends to check their facial expressions. All of the friends raised their eyebrows in delight. The driver was signaled…

To be continued….!!

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