He had been searching for it all through his life!!! The search for it never ceased, never even in his sleep. He dreamt of it. It was his passion, his theory of life and everything that existed!!! Even for a moment he never stopped thinking about it. He was a crazy man and he readily accepted it. For Alex Khan, finding the statue of Nirvana meant more than survival itself. It was a diamond studded replica of Goddess Nirvana whom the jungle tribe of Nirva worshipped!!! It was made from around thirty one pounds of pure gold and thirteen diamonds were embedded along the waist of the Goddess. It was carved and moulded into a life like structure by the then head of the Nirva tribe Nirvasa Okale. It was last seen in the village of Vai in the interiors of Maharashtra in 1999. How did it get there? Alex Khan had no idea. Although he was sure it was still there. He had been camping in the forest outside Vai from the last three days. He was pretty confident that he would have his hands on the statue very soon.

Things had not always been the same for Alex Khan. He was not always Alex khan. He was not always a ‘he’. Her real name was Alexis Waltz. She was born into Catholic family in Goa. Her quest for Nirvana began soon after her parents passed away. There were many other people trying to cease the statue. She was the wittiest of them and she knew most of them would soon be following her. She vanished into thin air for almost six months. She returned as Alex Khan from Singapore. She wondered what the fuss was all about. The discrimination between a man and a woman. It was just a few organs and hormones here and there. The testosterone inside her had already kicked in and she could feel her animal instincts rising up. She corrected herself. He could feel his animal instincts. Now that he made sure no one would ever recognise or follow him, the search for Nirvana began. There was a prophecy that whoever would touch the statue on a Monday night would be healed of all his diseases.

Time flew by and the search had gained momentum, so had the testosterone inside him. He was regularly visited by Russian women who satisfied his urges, licked his fantasies and calmed his ever rising sexual desires. ‘It is tough being a man’ he often told himself. His hunger for women and their body parts never seemed to die. Hours of pornography and prostitutes did not help. All he did was to research on the Statue, sexually calm himself, eat and sleep. He tried raping his house maid as well. He had to pay her a huge amount to stop her from filing a report. He was a man who was not able to control his manhood. He had forgotten that he too was once a woman.

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On a fine Monday evening, he had finally tracked down the statue of Nirvana. He was inside a dark cave and he could see the statue a few meters away across a small pond.  It was concealed behind huge boulders, but the glow of the statue was evident everywhere. He removed his trousers and jumped into the pond, swam across the water body and watched the glow becoming more evident. The water was filled with a green jelly like substance. It was irritating his skin. Out of sheer inability to scratch all his body parts at the same time, he removed every cloth left on his body. He took some soil and rubbed it against his skin. It was soothing, he rubbed it all over his body and walked slowly towards the statue. It was magnificent. Just as described in the myths it was a splendidly carved statue. Thirteen diamonds around the waist meant the golden glow was magnified with the sparkling of the diamonds. It seemed heavenly. He rubbed his hands and slowly moved them towards the statue. As he felt the statue on his fingertips. He felt a force pulling him back. His leg was pulled and his head banged on to the boulders. Everything went black!!!

A few hours later he opened his eyes and found himself hanging down from the branch of a banyan tree!!! A few minutes later he fell down after trying to break free impatiently!!! He touched himself. He corrected himself and touched his  breasts and navel and then something that he craved as a man all along. The Prophecy was true!!! His disease was cured.

Being a man is not a disease. Spilling it out due to lack of control is. Alexis realised where she had gone wrong. The statue was lost forever. However it has cured her disease. And taught her a very important lesson. A man is as weak as a woman if he cannot control his emotions and his desires. She knew the truth for she was both a man and a woman at different times in her life!!! It seemed quite absurd but fact was both Alex and Alexis had given up the search for the statue. A few days later Alexis returned to her home. She had planned for new things in her life, a different quest altogether!!!! As she opened the door she saw the statue on her couch smiling back at her!!! She had attained Nirvana in the true sense.

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