Next Time Will Be the Last “You Damm Prostitutes – 2″


Next Time Will Be the Last “You Damm!!! Prostitutes”

Part II

“No wonder prostitution is so rampant: why stand on your feet all day for slave wages when you can get rich on your back?”

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The driver was signaled and the taxi was taken to a dark thick forest side. The night was slowly overtaking their patience. All of the friends went into a fragile silence holding their breath which was waiting for eruption. Deep down their carina, they could sense their nymphomaniac heartbeat. The taxi stopped with a clutch sound and the passengers were requested to step out.

The driver told them to follow him and soon they reached a motel which was all decorated with fancy artificial flowers. The driver rang the bell and a nice looking middle aged women flashed out. The woman asked in a gentle voice, “Gentlemen, welcome to the motel. How could I serve you?” The driver told they were his passengers and tourist to the area and were searching for the room to rest tonight with the same finger to nose signal. The woman was delighted and took them to the reception for further inquiry. They were asked to produce their identity for verifications.

After all the processes were subdued, the woman called a lady to take them and show them their room. Dharmendra was whistling in delight, Abishek was murmuring some song and Sunny seemed to be in a dancing mood. He (the protagonist) was a silent guy and just following everybody there. He was a man of faith and a serious key player. His face was pale with exhaustion and lack of water. After a short journey inside the motel, the lady opened their room and told them, “It’s my pleasure to have you all here in our motel, I would like to present you more gifts if you all are interested for a deal”.


To be continued..

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