What Foods And Drinks Should I Avoid After Professional Teeth Whitening?


In the days after a professional teeth whitening session your teeth are more porous than they would normally be, this means that they are more vulnerable to being stained; which is why to get the best bang for your buck when you get a teeth whitening session you should avoid the food groups mentioned in this article.

Teas And Coffees

Both tea and coffee contain a substance called tannins, which can darken your teeth over time and can leave your teeth looking much darker than they would if you did not regularly consume tea or coffee. After a professional teeth whitening session your teeth become more porous which means that tannins can be more effective and work faster to darken your teeth, which is why drinking tea or coffee should be avoided for a few days after a professional teeth whitening session.

Red And White Wines

Red and white wines are both to be avoided in the days after your professional teeth whitening session. This is because wines can be harmful to both the colour of your teeth and the protective enamel on your teeth. Red wine has a higher acidity level than white wine and can cause staining or erosion of your tooth enamel; white wine can also be harmful to your teeth as it can also wear down the enamel of your teeth.

Sugary Treats And Fizzy Drinks

Foods that are high in sugar are harmful to your teeth, but when you have recently had a professional teeth whitening session the risks to your teeth multiply, stains will form much faster than normal which is why it is best to stick clear as much as possible of sugary treats. Another thing to consider is the fact that fizzy drinks often contain a very high amount of sugar, so these beverages should also be avoided where possible.

Tomatoes And Tomato Sauces

Tomato based products contain a natural dark colouring which stains peoples teeth that regularly consume them, but if you have recently had a professional teeth whitening session the risk that your teeth will be be stained. Tomato based products also contain high acidity levels which can aid in the erosion of the enamel on your teeth.

Fruit And Some Vegetable Juices

Fruit juices are often marketed at being healthy for you, but they have very high sugar content. Which is why if you regularly consume them you may want to rethink your drink of choice. Plus these drinks tend to have high levels of acidity that will affect tooth enamel and cause tooth discoloration. Some vegetable juices such as tomato and carrot juices can also be bad for your teeth as they have high levels of acidity and can cause tooth discoloration.

Foods With Colourants And Dyes

You should also avoid foods that contain colourants and dyes, it doesn’t matter if these are natural or artificial – they should be avoided. As they dyes included could dye the colour of your teeth. Several examples of foods that contain colourants and dyes include jellies, sports drinks, cereals and alcoholic beverages.


Tobacco is a common ingredient found in cigarettes and cause cause discolouration to your teeth, if you smoke regularly you may want to use nicotine skin patches and other similar products to help you fight the craving.


Foods That We Recommend To Consume After Teeth Whitening

So far we have given you a list of food and drink items that you cannot eat, but in this section we will detail some of the foods you can.

  • Chicken/Turkey: Light coloured meat such as chicken and turkey are both healthy and are acid free.
  • Fish: Fish is another good, healthy option for you to eat in the days after your teeth whitening session; you should avoid eating darker fish though, but light fish such as cod, haddock and basa are all good options.
  • Rice: Rice is not acidic and is a perfect food option to eat alongside light coloured meats.
  • Pasta: Pasta without tomato sauce or green is fine to eat; you may want to consider mixing your pasta with white cheese to add extra flavour to your dish.
  • White Cheese: White cheese is a good thing to add to your food dishes, you should however avoid coloured cheese as this could cause discolouration.
  • Bananas: Bananas pose relatively little discolouration risk to your teeth and are a healthy snack.
  • Potatoes: Potatoes are another good thing to eat after teeth whitening as they provide little risk of discolouration to your teeth.

Other Tips After You Have Had Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

  • Brush Gently: In the days after you have had your teeth professionally whitened you should ensure that you are brushing your teeth more gently than normal as your teeth will be more sensitive to damage.
  • Ensure That You Practicing Good Oral Health Habits: In the days after a professional teeth whitening session your teeth are more susceptible to decay. This is why it is even more important than normal to take good care of your teeth during this time.
  • Use Straws To Drink Whenever Possible: In the days after teeth whitening you should use straws to drink whenever it is possible for you to do so, this will reduce the amount of sugar that will reach your teeth and potentially cause tooth decay.


Taking precautions to protect your teeth in the in the days after a professional teeth whitening session is highly recommended as this increases the chances of you getting longer lasting positive results and less of the negative ones. Why not ask your cosmetic dentist in Leeds about their teeth whitening services?

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