Affordable Pubs & Bars In Bangalore


Here is a list of 20 most affordable pubs & bars to be visited if you are in Bangalore. Check out how many of them you have missed out!


1. Gilly’s Restobar

6dacf10d53d9acab9ac5a4f7b9c5865f Image: burrp

The best place to have cheap lager beer with some amazing Nachos. Located very close to JNC and  filled with young vibrant crowd. This place is on the top  of our list of recommended pubs in bangalore.

Location : Koramangala

Cost for 2 : Approx 600-800 .

2. Pecos

LR_Pecos  Image: foodrhythms

One of the oldest pubs in bangalore with some classic old skool music, a chilled out place to have some chilled draught beer and dosas.

Location : Brigade Road, St Marks Road & Indranagar

Cost for 2 : Approx 800

3. Spiritz Bar & Restaurant

ti_725_1154.3106818141Image: Zomato

Another place located in Kormangala, a perfect place for a boys night out which is light on the pocket.

Location : Koramangala & HSR Layour

Cost for 2 : Approx 800

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4. The Studio Bar

studiobar Image: zomato

If your going to watch a movie in PVR, then this a place to chill-out before and after the movie as they give 10% off on your movie ticket and to top that – Cheap food & Liquor

Location : Malleshwaram & Nagawara

Cost for 2 : Approx 800


5.Filling Station

0a69c310bd5bca0da1df2306c22ef8afImage : Zomato

Located in the busy street of Koramangala, yet another place in the same vicinity that fits well if ur running low on budget, cheap liquour and cheap food. What else do you need?

Location : Koramangala

Cost for 2 : Approx 800

6.Ching Lung bar & Restaurant

chin-lungImage: galaxymag

Located at the end of brigade road, a place filled with college going students.

Location : Brigade Road

Cost for 2:  Approx 700

7.Mockaholic Restro Beer Cafe

mockaholic-2Image: grouptable

The only low budget beer cafe in and around JP nagar which serves draught beer. The place also attracts chic crowd and is not as expensive as it looks. Happy hours is something which cannot be missed here.

Location: JP Nagar

Cost for 2 : Approx 500

8. Brigade Fuel

f891f28a97918cd5067ff0c6a8498bdc_200_thumb Image: Zomato

A small place on brigade road, very cheap a good place for the boys to hang-out for a quick drink.

Location: Brigade Road

Cost for 2 : Approx 400

9. Hoppipola

qiejbkthzll5 Image: townista

Very nice ambiance, good music and young crowd and to add on to it, cheap draught beer.

Location : Indranagar & Church Street

Cost for 2: Approx 900


10 . Tap House Resto Bar

6248a72d0711016df7bbd83ac67718c0Image: mytaphouse

A rooftop , low budget place in and around Electronic city , always filled with energetic IT crowd .

Location : Electronic City

Cost for 2 : Approx 800-1000

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11. Zengi Pub & Restaurant

2d436bfb50660d0936c87d405b37324aImage: zomato

One of the finest pubs in this locality to have chilled beer which fits in our affordable pubs category.

Location: BTM Layout

Cost for 2 : Approx 800

12. Jimi’s Beer Cafe

jimis-photo3Image: meraparty

Jimis – The rock lovers surely know this place.  Draught beer + Happy hour offers + Rock Music. Sounds Perfect doesnt it?

Location: Koramangala, Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Magrath Road & Marathahalli

Cost for 2: Approx 900

13. Satya’s

Sathya's Bar and RestaurantImage: smashed

Yet another affordable place in Koramangala. If you love loud music, then this is the place to be. Starters taste extremely good here.

Location : Koramangala

Cost for 2: Approx  900

14.Scottish Pub

scottishpubImage: Zomato

The one of a kind place in bangalore which servers only beer and wine.

Location : St Mark’s Road

Cost for 2 : Approx 500-700

15. Happy brew

1413530719_happy-brew Image: timescity

They serve draught beer like the other places. We recommend to try the pizzas and burgers over here.

Location : Koramangala

Cost for 2 : Approx 800

16. Fill n Chill Resto Bar & Pub

fill n chill Image: Zomato

Like the name says, a decent place to chill out with a group of friends. We recommend a pitcher of beer with chilly chicken and chicken tikka.

Location : Koramangala

Cost for 2 : Approx 800

17. Guzzlers Inn

guzzlers-inn Image: hibengaluru

Guzzlers has always been easy on the pocket. A good place to watch live cricket with beer and pepper chicken.

Location : Brigade Road

Cost for 2 : Approx 900

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18. Shangri La Bar & Restaurant

shangri Image: burrp

This bar has a nice balcony which gives a good view of brigade road. We recommend the Pork spare ribs with beer.

Location : Brigade road

Cost for 2 : Approx 1000

19. Koshy’s

ko1Image: Indiacityblog

One of the oldest pub in bangalore and yet getting a table here on a weekend is a difficult task. Our recommendation here the different types of omelette that they serve here.

Location : St Mark’s Road

Cost for 2 : Approx 800

20. Alibi

c953dc75da884147cc8321ec07130a3cImage: burrp

Located on the busy church street, the happy hours offer is one that is hard to miss here.

Location : Church Street

Cost for 2 : Approx 600-800


  1. since we share the same interest , guitar , pubbing , and also an engineer . i think we can make it work .so i would love to buy you a drink in one of these pubs miss Priya Ravinder. How about this saturday ? 😛


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