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The Rising popularity of the Augmented Reality game has made people do some weird things and we have listed a few over here.

Students Made To Play Pokemon Go In The University Campus

The University Of Idaho has introduced classes where students are encouraged to catch Pokemon in the college premises. They say its designed to teach students about team work.

Lady Stuck In The Tree Catching A Pokemon

A woman managed to climb a tree to catch a Pokemon and eventually got stuck in the tree and had to call the local fire service to bring her down.

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A Teacher Quit Her Job To Become A Full-Time Pokemon Player

A teacher from London quit her job to become a full-time Pokemon player to sell her account on e-bay and make some quick buck.

Two Men Fell Off A Cliff Catching A Pokemon

Two Men crossed a fence to catch a Pokemon and eventually fell 50 feet from a cliff and were finally rescued by the firefighters.

Babies Named After Pokemon

Yes you heard it right, new born babies are being named after favorite Pokemon characters of the parents. Babies are usually been named Eevee, Onyx and Roselia.

Parents Abandoned Their Toddler So They Could Go Pokemon Hunting

A couple from Arizona are facing charges of child neglect after they left their toddler at home while they went out on a Pokemon hunt.Their neighbor found the child outside the couple’s home and informed the police about it.

Reported A Stolen Pokemon To The Police

A day after the launch in the UK, a player dialled 999 to inform a theft of his Pokemon .


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