Are you interested in the business aspects of a company? Do you want to make a shift from IT to business management and want to explore marketing? You are at the right junction in your career and have landed at the right place.

Course Overview

Most courses give you an overview or a theoretical overdose of what entails in marketing. But, when you enter the field you realise it is a lot more challenging and you were not fully equipped.

This course provides you with easy to implement concepts and practical examples which are sure to fire up your career.

· Introduction to B2B marketing

· Market research & understanding the customer and their needs

· Setting goals

· Marketing operations

· Aligning marketing with business

. A practical case study

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  1. Introduction to B2B Marketing
  • Course Introduction
  • Types of Business Models
  • Difference Between B2B and B2C
  • Types of B2B marketing
  • Your Role As A B2B Marketer

2. Understanding the market- Segmentation, targeting and positioning

  • Understand your offering
  • Understand the market
  • Understand the competition
  • Understand your differentiation
  • Positioning

3. Setting Goals

  • Why to set goals
  • What kind of goals to set

4. The Operations of B2B marketing

  • Identify the business needs & resources needed to keep the marketing operations smooth
  • Identify the different marketing aspects that need to be tracked
  • Standardizing & Benchmarking all your marketing efforts

5. Aligning marketing with business strategy and company-wide collaboration

  • Securing investment from the board
  • Stakeholder management, internal & external communications
  • Aligning key company areas including Customer service, IT and Sales
  • Delivering sales ready leads in order to drive revenue

6. Case- From Strategy to Execution

  • Case summary
  • Strategy framework
  • Formulating an execution plan

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B2B Marketing & Business Growth Strategies
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