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How To Make Your Relationship Stronger- Follow These 11 Simple Rules


A committed and happy relation between two souls requires a lot of investment in terms of love, care and time. It is not possible to strengthen the bond without equal levels of commitment from both sides.

In today’s fast moving life, it is good to have a soul mate or a confidante who can be by your side through thick and thin. But for that to happen, it requires continuous effort.

Below are few simple ways to make your relationship stronger with your spouse/lover or anyone for that matter:

1. Communicate to be heard :

Communication is the first sign of a healthy relation. Do not expect your partner to read your mind. They are after all normal human beings and not Superman. This is probably the first mistake any woman or a man does- expecting that the other person can read our mind.

She: I was upset and did not speak to him all day and he did not even notice.

He: I guess she is in a bad mood today and wants to be let alone.

2. Stop the Blame Game :

Mistakes are a part of life. So do not blame each other if something goes wrong. You are not contesting any election and your partner does not belong to the opposition that you to blame him/her if anything goes wrong.

Like the saying goes, it requires two hands to make a clap. Blaming the other person can prove your innocence for time being but then builds up resentment in the heart of the other which can only damage the relationship in the long run.

“The hotel you selected was filled with mosquitoes. It was pathetic!”

Instead you could say, “The hotel was filled with mosquitoes, next time we should check for reviews before booking”.

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3. Stop Finding Fault With Your Partner :

 No one is perfect. So stop finding fault with your partner. You will not be awarded for highlighting those faults.

“You are so lazy”

Instead you could say, “Let’s do something fun”, and make them do it.

4. Criticise, but with a touch of Love:

You should correct your partner but with love. Love can conquer everything in this world. He/She is just a human being.

“You’re so lazy you remind me of a cute panda. You can be a panda but only in your habitat”

5. Trust- the right ingredient in the relation:

Trust and transparency will make the bond grow stronger every day. But ensure that you both trust each other the same way. Do not be naive that you appear dumb to be taken advantage of.

“You know I met that guy last week. He is texting me.”

“Oh! What’s he saying”.

“Nothing much, was just asking the specifications of the car”

“Oh cool babe. I trust you not to encourage him further!”

“Of course! Honey.”

6. Be the first one to end the fight:

 Your relation is more important than your ego. You cannot afford to lose your soulmate just because of a mere fight.

“I’m sorry”

“Aww… I’m sorry too”


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7. Appreciate Each Other:

Appreciation or praising each other costs you nothing. So what are you waiting for? A little appreciation can create many wonders.

“You look so adorable in the pink top”


8. Respect Each Other:

After a certain time the puppy love may die down eventually but the respect towards each other will always be there to support the relation.

“She is the best person for me. I admire how sincere she is when it comes to her work”.

“I love how he puts up with all my mood swings. He is the most patient human being ever!”

9. Make Time For each:

Rome was not built in a day. Same way strong relations cannot be built over night. It takes a lot of time to know each other. So make that effort.

If you already know each other, create hypothetical situations and see how they respond to it. Talk about deep topics, ask intimate questions, topics about childhood, play games with each other. It’s always fun when you want it to be fun.

10. Accept Each other:

Beauty lies in the imperfection. So accept each other’s imperfections gracefully and move ahead in life.

It’s not the perfections that are beautiful. It’s the imperfections. Accept them ‘coz if you are with this person you have accepted them at some time and made a choice to be with them.

11. Never Compare :

Every relation is unique in its own way. So do not set any other relation as the yardstick and compare the beauty of your relation with those.

“They went to this great place and enjoyed a lot, and look at us! We are stuck in this place since ages.”

Instead try to make your everyday life beautiful or plan for something if it’s feasible.


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