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10 Common Challenges Women Face at Work


In an era where women are leaving their indelible mark in every field and in every sphere, there are still few challenges women face at work. These challenges revolve around many issues apart from sexual harassment, which in spite of the progressive thinking, still exist in the society. If you are a working woman you will surely relate to these top 10 challenges Women Face at Work.

When Elegantly dressed and Well groomed

If a woman turns up at office dressed well, then there is a buzz which does the round that she is a show off. Recently, this scenario was highlighted in an advertisement from one of the leading detergent powder & soaps. Often colleagues assume that she must be spending a huge amounts of money in parlours and on her dresses, shoes and other accessories.

Promotion! Not For Her

Most of the time there will be gossip pertaining the lady and the boss, if she gets recognised for her commendable performance. Employees usually believe that she must have satisfied the boss physically if not through her official tasks.

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Being Judgemental

This is very interesting! Any habit a woman has, especially a working woman, she is always judged for that. If she smokes and drinks occasionally then she is a woman of lesser character. If she is traditional and does not indulge herself in parties often then she is a ‘Behen Ji’ types.

OMG!! She has an opinion?

Often, it is assumed that women should take care of the instructions be it at home or at office. Whenever a woman defies this age old concept and puts across her opinion, she makes a number of eyebrows raise towards her attitude.

Being Bossy

This adjective ‘Bossy’ is often associated to any woman who takes the lead in any project in office. She can never be the ‘Boss’, but ‘Bossy’… of course!

Beauty with a Brain

It is often believed that women are meant to be beautiful and not intelligent. If during the weekly meetings a woman proposes an intelligent idea then she opens the can of gossips in the office. The speculation which everyone believes is that she has borrowed the idea and it is not her brain child.

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Women against Woman

Not only in families, but also in office you will find women weaving gossips against another women. Especially if she is more successful when compared to the rest. These type of baseless gossips will have no head or tail as far as facts are concerned.

Work before Family

365 days in a person’s life cannot be same always and it is often filled with highs and lows. But it is expected from a working woman that she will seamlessly manage her family and will never ask for leaves or half days even if there is crisis. It is the price you pay to pursue your career.


If a woman is in charge of managing men sub ordinates in office, then often it is seen that there might be ego clashes even if the idea proposed by her is brilliant.

Sexual Harassment

I feel ashamed to write about it as one of the most common issues that every woman in office often faces it in some form or the other.

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