10 Signs That You Are Getting Married Soon

1. You get excited when you step into the home store section of a shopping mall. The endless possibilities of purchasing crockery, cutlery, vases, tables and beds makes you giddy with excitement.


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2. You start saving money for the wedding and future. Suddenly that coffee which you could have had easily seems expensive. You start thinking about how you could save that money for something more useful.

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3.You start browsing through different wedding dresses and jewellery sites trying to figure which one would suit you the best. Should you buy something online or in the stores? This dilemma seems much bigger than any other office tasks.

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4. You work takes a backseat. Yes, you struggled hard to get where you are at work. But what the hell, you have higher priorities, like getting married. Screw work! (Until your boss finds out your complacent behaviour and fires you. But, who cares! You are getting married!)

stare at my desk
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5. Mood swings as mighty as the pirate ship rides of amusement parks! You are all cheerful and happy as a clam a minute before you start bawling like a baby upon seeing a bird.

mood swings
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6. You start maintaining your body. After all you want to look your best in that tuxedo or low waist saree on the D-day. The happiness of getting married will bloat you up; and that glow cannot stay hidden for long. Soon enough you will have people asking you whats with the change.

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7. You suddenly have less time for your friends. There were days you could spend hours idlly chatting with your pals at a pub or coffee shop. But now you prefer spending time alone or at home.

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8. You start taking responsibilities. You may have tried your best at shying away from your duties, but now theres no escape. You suddenly feel responsible and are rearing to do something worth while. Maybe you could book that car you always wanted.

 Image: gifphy
Image: gifphy



 9. You want to do everything you can for your parents before you fly out of their nest. You become extra sweet and do your best to spend as much time with them.
extra sweet
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  10. You enjoy the mundane tasks and don’t get bored of them. You don’t get tired of running errands or doing routine chores. You stop looking for constant variety in your life.
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