It all began when StarSports aired this teaser for the Epic India Pakistan Match. A young man from 1992 waits for a MAUKA till 2015 to burst crackers!!! As we all know the opportunity never came!!!! The video went viral of course!!! The response it garnered was actually phenomenal thanks to the creative team at StarSports


Soon after the match there was another response from the Indians fan adding further agony to the Pakistani fans!!!


And soon STARSPORTS came up with another teaser where South Africans knock on India’s door as India had never won a worldcup match against them. It just got even more epic!!!!


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The response by Indian was even more epic!!!!!



And the one featuring Animated Virat Kohli turned out to be the funniest of all!!!!



And it still does not stop here!!!! Soon after India won the match against South Africa the under-hyped UAE match was hyped by this funny teaser.


Indians had a fitting reply to that as well!!!!



And this trailer by SDE clearly beat them all!!!!


And Now India Vs West Indies Ad



As Usual Indians reply to the Ad


India Vs Ireland 😉


To see how frustrated Pakistanis were just look at Shoaib Akhtar’s Reaction



Keep Cheering for India and keep posting #wontgiveitback


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