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10 things you learn when you are in HR


In every organisation, irrespective of its size, the Human Resource or HR, as it is fondly addressed, is one of the most important department. An HR personnel has lot of responsibilities and at the same time he/she also faces the first blow at any kind of criticism.

But in every scenario there are many things to learn when you are working as an HR in a company:

Here we present to you the 10 major pointers:

  1. Being Organised:

An HR personnel has a much organised approach to any problem and is very skilled in terms of time management. They deal with numbers which creates a major impact on the career graphs of the employees. So their proficiency with respect to work is very high.

  1. Ability to Multi Task :

Being in HR always teaches an employee to multi task his responsibilities, as there might be various issues on a single day which would require immediate attention. From hiring to firing, from promotion to suspension, every letter needs the final go-ahead from the HR.

  1. Well-articulated communications :

The art of transparent communication, yet being diplomatic at the same time is exceptionally commendable for all the HRs. Though they have to deal with many unpleasant issues like critical cases pertaining to any sort of sexual harassments or whistle blowing but they are very skilled in sending out the right message by taking the correct decision with articulated communication.

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  1. Flexible towards any changes:

Another major quality in every HR personnel is their flexibility to embrace any changes in the organisation without showing any signs of exasperation. Their ability to adapt themselves and help others in accordance with the changing scenario of the organisation is indeed commendable.

  1. Ability to resolve conflicts:

Dealing and resolving conflicts and differences are almost there in the daily schedule of any HR official. An organisation cannot make profit with less productivity from its employees. And one major issue which impacts the productivity of employees is the conflict between different department and individuals which needs to be resolved to gain profit. HRs are very accomplished in dealing with all these differences and resolving the same.

  1. Unshakeable Integrity:

HR department in the organisation is something which every employee looks up to. So when it comes to values of the company they are the torch bearers for every employee. They have to practice integrity and have to preach the same in the organisation.

  1. Immense Patience:

Few issues in the corporate might require immediate attention but the strategy at times may not be clear to decide on the way forward. In such a situation being patient is the only solution to the problem and no one can do it better than any HR in the company.

  1. Maintaining a cordial relation:

There are no permanent friends or permanent foes for any HR. The only permanent thing in their life is the interest or profit of the company. So they are very good in maintaining a pleasant relation with everyone in the company.

  1. Better understanding of the company policies:

An HR of any company always has a better understanding of all the company laws and policies. So in case you are facing any kind of confusion regarding your eligibility to avail any facility, then you know whom to approach.

  1. Control over emotions:

They are the people who stay calm in every situation and remain unperturbed by any new changes or confusion in the organisation.

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