Gaming is a way of life!!! NO Gaming is NO life. Only a Hardcore gamer can understand this. From its genesis the Gaming Industry has thrown some amazing games, amazing game play features and and some amazing ensembles.From Nintendo, Sony to Microsoft everyone has had their fair share in the gaming market and with big runners like Ubisoft and EA continuously upgrading themselves, you might sometimes feel confused on which game to chose to go epic!!!!

So, we bring you a list of the best games across all platforms.


1.  Counter Strike

If you have not played Counter Strike then you are not a true gamer. The first true Multiplayer FPS game that got millions hooked on their steam servers is still played by millions daily. Lock and Load!!!


2.  GTA San Andreas

The bad-ass Gangsta game that rejuvenated the GTA franchise. Many came and many vanished but GTA San Andreas has a special place in every gamer’s heart.


3. Crysis 3

Undoubtedly the best game engine from Crytek studios with an amazing plot and mind blowing graphics. The weapons in this game were a revolution. A modern marvel. If you haven’t still played it, you are missing out.


4. Bulletstorm

A kick-ass space espionage FPS with spick and span graphics and some real punkish weapons.

PS The sniper bullet can be altered midway!!!!


5.  Halo 3

Anyone who can play Halo with superiority can play any game. Such is the legacy of the Halo series in general


6.  Assassins creed

Weapons crafted by Da Vinci himself, amazing 360 view-ability, jumping off roofs and the eternal jump from the highest point in a city makes the Assassins series breathtaking and a must play!!!


7.  Fifa series

Each year Fifa comes up with a new edition with better gameplay, better feel and updated teams. Nothing is better than Fifa gaming series for a football and gaming freak. And to that the soundtracks are the most amazing songs you will ever hear!!!


8.  Gears of war

Big guns, post apocalyptic world, monster aliens and a rotor blade at the edge of your weapon makes gears of war a Gaming ecstasy. Non stop action, multiplayer gaming, different characters, lots of vehicles and a superb plot line is what makes gears of War a success!!!



9.  NFS: Most wanted

What makes NFS the most attractive series in the gaming industry? Superb gameplay, amazing cars, hot chicks, the police chase and above all the feel of driving a real car. It is the most widely played game across all age sections.


10. Dante’s Inferno

Based on the great Italian poet Dante’s poem the game is a journey through nine circles of hell of a warrior to save his wife. It is visually enriching, has a mythological touch to it and most importantly has amazing game play.


11. Devil May Cry

The most stylised game you will ever play. Its addictive, its macho and its awesome. Devil may cry is a reboot of the Japanese game of the same name.


12. Call of Duty: Black Ops

Arguably, the best games that ever came across in this century. Its action packed, looks real and feels real. Call of duty black ops takes you inside, at the heart of action!!!!



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