7 Reasons Why Bahubali Deserves To Be The Best Indian Movie Ever Made

7 Reasons Why Bahubali Deserves To Be The Best Indian Movie


Bahubali – the movie, which has changed the look of the Indian cinema and has broken all records, is our Desi response to the makers of Game of Throne.

With characters being portrayed in the film as larger than life, this epic historical fiction movie is first of its kind to have a box office collection of more than 1000 INR crore worldwide to its credit.

Most us maybe wondering why Bahubali is not celebrated as the Best Indian Movie ever made.

Here we bring to you 7 main reasons which makes Bahubali stand apart from other Indian films and gives those Bahubalian goals for movie making.

1. Massive or Bahubali Budget:

Built with a budget of 250 INR crore, Bahubali is the dream project of director SS Rajamouli. The climax scene of Bahubali – the Conclusion, was shot with a whopping budget of INR 30 crore. This is almost double the budget of the climax scene of Bahubali – the Beginning.

2. The Extremely ‘Special’ Effects:

With 5000 VFX shots being used in the entire movie SS Rajamouli raised the bar to give it an enormous appeal. They used the same special team which worked in the Hollywood movie “Jurassic World.”

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3. Enthralling Scene Sketches:

With 25 artists creating a storyboard consisting of 15,000 sketches, the kingdom of Mahismati has come alive with Bahubali. This movie also holds a Guinness Book of World Record for the largest film poster ever at 50,000 sq ft. in size.

4. Birth of a New Language:

The perfectionist Rajamouli in his endeavour to make the best Indian movie has created a new language for the fierce warrior tribe Kalakeya. This Kilikili language in the movie has 750 words with its own set of 40 grammar rules.

5. Gripping Action Scenes:

With almost 2000 stuntmen working in the movie and its sequel, Bahubali has some epic action scenes with specially designed weapons and props. They have created a museum for these 20000 weapons used in the movie.

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6. Widest Dubbed Movie:

Originally made in Tamil and Telugu, the movie has broken all the regional barriers and has become the first Indian movie to be dubbed in Hindi, English, Malayalam, French and Japanese.

7. Some respite from the Khans!

If you are bored of watching the Khans onscreen then Bahubali is the ultimate movie to serve as a refreshment for you. This only movie to have featured in a BBC documentary showcases the dedication of the heroes Prabhas and Rana Daggubati who had to follow a special routine in terms of calories consumption and exercise to get that mammoth look in the movie.

So if you are still waiting for some good reason to watch this movie then let me tell you the relation between Devasena and Amrendra Bahubali will give you serious relationship goals.

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