1. Best compliment you have received…?

Every time after my set, “When people say you made my day”. But one best compliment I have received is at the END OF THE WORLD festival which happened in Bangalore. I was the first DJ to open the festival. Hardly people were there. I just played 45min of set, the whole festive crew and crowd started clapping and  cheering when I got down. Almost 90% of the people who were in the festival came and spoke to me. That meant I did a good job.

2. Favourite Food?

Andra style always.

DJ shine bangalore
Image: Octoberfest

3. If you could change into another person for a week who would it be and why?

For me any day the musical genius “ERIC PRYDZ”. Because The reason I started liking house music is him. So if I had a chance, I would like to be in his place. Just to know how his mind works.

4. How would you start a conversation if an extremely beautiful woman was stuck with you alone in an elevator?

I’ll start with a smile, if she seems interested, we can take it forward.

5. What turns you on /off?

On- Sweets

Off- bad smell.

6. How would you describe your ideal girlfriend?

More than being my girlfriend, I want her to involve in my work. Like managing my work or dates and other things.

7. As a DJ which song gets you excited?

I have many to name. But more than a track name I would like to mention the music genres. I am a happy person. So, I like Deep and Progressive which as more melodies or soulful with nice vocals.

DJ shine 8. If not a DJ you would have been….?

For me music is passion. I can’t think of anything else other than DJing or Music Production

9. Love or Money? why?

We need both to be happy.

10. If I would give you a million dollars what would you do with it?

Big house and a crazy studio for myself.  And I have a dream to open my own record label, so I might invest in that.

11. Family man or Flirt for life?

Family Man.

12. Your fav clothing brand?

I am not a brand person. I like wearing which ever looks good on me.

13. Your greatest fear?

Life is like a graph. There will be lots of up and down. Today I might be doing better but don’t know what comes tomorrow. I am afraid of TOMORROW.

14. Craziest DJing experience?

I have lots to mention. But I would like to mention few:

At END OF THE WORLD festival, when I played opening set for MAT ZO

IPL After partys

Puma Social Club and many more.

15. Would you rather be smart and ugly or dumb and handsome?

Smart and Handsome.

16. What cheers you up?

Making music.

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