As I said earlier, Love is the most abused word after fuck. Here I was, in a different timelne trying to ressurect what left of me and Talia. In an attempt to get her back to her timeline, we had wasted a month almost. Seven futile attempts and still no signs of breaking the space-time continuum. I was not reasy to give up, although she had. That’s my actual superpower, I do not give up on people despite being bruised and battered by them again. Yes, she had misued me. yes, she had betrayed me time and again. Yes, she had miserably shaken my faith in humanity on the whole. And yes, I still loved her, that was a fact which I was not ready to let go off.

We finally decided that this would be the last attempt one fine day. It was raining outside, like it was raining frustration inside me. It is funny how you get entagled between love and what is right, time and again. There is no escape. She set up whatever had to be setup and held my hand.

“We will get through this time.” I calmed her. She triggered the process and the initiation started. I held onto my nerves tightly, so did she to my hand. And there was darkness, like the day the nuclear blast happened. In all this turmoil, I had forgotten about the promise I had made to Bin Qureshi. I felt remorse, but that was not new to me. I opened my eyes and saw myself at the edge of the cliff where I usually introspected. Talia lay next to me unconscious. I was breathing heavily, she was not. It was my timeline, where I had my powers to transfer emotions. I held her hands, tried to transfer some life into her, but I couldn’t. I never had transferred life into someone, would never have. I was lost in my own timeline unlike the numerous times before. There was no doctor to help me out this time. I could see the radiation affected city as I had left it across the skyline. The sun was about to die, i hope Talia wasn’t following its footsteps.

Her earrings were in my pockets, I threw them down the cliff and screamed with all my might. This is not the end, I told myself.  Down on my knees, I screamed till tears ruptured through me. My indiscreet father beating my mother, me resting on her lap and Talia betraying all felt like a distant memory. Talia had collapsed forver during the time travel. She was no more.

I turned around and saw myself with the earrings walking towards the edge of the cliff. I was perplexed. i was taken aback and almost fell off the cliff. A second later, I realised I had travelled back in my time. It was the day, I had first found those earrings and was searching for answers at the cliff. I couldn’t handle my own emotions and now there was another Alzador to handle. Question was what was I supposed to do? I closed my eyes feeling the footsteps of the other Alzador approaching me.

What was I supposed to do?

I opened my eyes and saw Talia’s corpse. She still looked beautiful, I still loved her. And I would have gone back and forth in time tillI it was possible to get her back to where she belonged.

The decision was made, I was taking help of the other Alzador’s help to get Talia back. I was to travel back in time. She would have used me, but I would still do everything in my might for her.

At the that moemnt, I realised that’s what made me a hero.

I don’t give up on people.

I am alzador.


To be continued…

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