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Sometimes, transferring emotions takes its tolls on me. Losing hours of my life every time I make someone more self sufficient might seem satisfying. But, of late I have started to feel my cardiac muscles crumble while transferring these emotions. I wonder why the concept of emotions exists in the first place. the world would have been a much better place without them. No sorrow, no pain and no remorse. But hell, life is not how we want it to be. It is the the fucking opposite each and every time. The survivors mend their own way or get used to it. So, am I. Getting used to spreading smiles even though most of my smiles are fake.

So, I was lying on my rat infested bed in the demolished factory outside the town, when Dr. Kuriens informed me that he needed my help at the earliest. I reached his place to see an old lady. It was evident from her face that she had seen and felt all the complexities in her life.

“She wants to die, Alzador. Think you could help?”  Dr. Kuriens asked me.

I looked into her eyes, her wrinkled eyelids flickered at me. She was nostalgic for some reason. I held her hand and started transferring some will to live into her soul. It was business as usual. Dr. Kuriens smiled at me as he stirred his coffee. His smile vanished the very next second. The coffee pounced into the air and the coffee mug fell to the ground. I was pushed back into the air with a force I have never felt before. In that two seconds of flight, I saw her, that peculiar eyes that stared at me, she wanted to come back and stay with me forever. I held her hand and promised I would never leave her. I touched her earring and felt her lower neck. ‘I will never let you go.’ I felt my face being drenched with wine…

Wait! It was water. Dr. Kuriens was pouring water over my face. I opened my eyes and came back to reality. the old lady was in front of me. She was dead. Her hand had been burnt and her eyes, they seemed like the devil himself had sucked out her life.

“What happened?” I asked.

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“I think she did not want to live, I was forcing her to. She had lost the will to live. She did not want any cure to that. You couldn’t transfer your emotion. It backfired. you were unconscious for about ten minutes.” Dr. Kuriens replied

“Can that happen?”

“That is what I am guessing.”

“I saw her. She was there standing near me begging me to take her back. I held her hand and promised I would never leave her.”

“You must be hallucinating due to the shock.”

I got up and shook my head. I needed some time with myself. I walked out leaving behind a perplexed Dr. Kuriens and the corpse. I slowly crawled my way through the busy market streets where I had seen her for the time. Time was not stopping, I didn’t intend to stop it as well. The aromatic chilly powder being sold at the corner made me nauseous and the flies surrounding the fresh meat symbolised how I should have died that day. I could not save her. And now, I am saving every godamn fucking soul. I wished to die too. I slapped my face with anger and in that motion something fell to the ground from below my sleeve.

It was her earring!!!

The one she was wearing when she was hallucinating. i looked up toward the heavens.

Alzador had just found one more reason not to die.


To be continued….

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