“Mariam’s 1000 Dirty Days and One Blessed Night of Marriage”


Twas’ 02:15 hours, stray Dogs crying;
A cold shivering midnight slowly and deviously along with;
The dooms December mist conspires a sweet revenge,
An infidelity stung planned a soft kill.

When, suddenly her nascent sleep restlessly betrays her;
Getting disturbed by five and a half drunken knocks on the main door,
She hastily ran sped to find a new whore waiting outside;
Wrapped in those same filthy arms,
Just like every new night;
Lust like every other day;
In her thousand dirty days and,
One blessed night of marriage.
Mr. Dick never failed to abide his daily ritual,
Mariam’s hubby was hooked up with a Lolita this time;
The illicit couple stumbled to step inside,
And carelessly entered her bedroom.

Whilst, Mariam simply sat on the sofa;
Sobbing her every day melancholia,
Quenching her thirsty and dehydrated Soul,
By swallowing to drink off her salty tears.

But yes, something unusual was really smelling raw,
In that dark creepy live-wire night;
As if Mariam’s new Sun for this life,
Was ready to rise;
Getting ready to rise with a new ray of light;
A strange creation was in progress to occur shortly,
Somewhere near in the distant firmament.

And down here, she could hear;
The same old, dirty and vulgar noises,
As two cheap and loud voices wrestled;
Shamelessly auctioning love inside.
Like any Lolita sold like a sex toy,
Like all Mr. Dicks buying their sexual joys;
And each and every ill fated Mariam,
Is still listening to her married chaos.

06:06 AM and a judgement patiently waits in the living room,
On a gloomy Sabbath morning;
Until she got up from the couch,
Sluggishly heading with muted footsteps;
Sneaking into the bedroom,
Finding the whore and Dick exhausted;
And laid like dead bodies beside each other.

Very shrewdly, she reloaded an airy bullet in her secret weapon,
As she pulled in the flying demons from the room;
To refill the syringe with some certainly killing vacuum,
With no second thoughts to hinder her cruel intentions anymore;
Mariam stood beside Mr. Dick,
Staring at his ignorantly sleeping being;
Uncoiling and disputing against a pseudo marriage,
Trespassing all virgin commitments made around the sacred pyre;
Hatefully bidding the last farewell,
In a final goodbye to him.

Mariam pricked Dick’s stiff neck,
Injecting an air bubble into his vein;
In quick moments,
He gasped and choked to helplessly expire;
Ejaculating an eternal death,
Death and eternal sleep for Mr. Dick, this time.

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