“Post-mortem of Hands-shake”


Microscopic illustration of porcupine spokes,
Alien viruses from trillion light years find a scope;
Toddles from the womb of  black holes;
Hires our 24 senses as infected tenancy soaks to coax,
A pandemic threat finds our planet as an ageless host.

Nostrils of oesophagus are pass-ages on lease,
‘Post-mortem of hands-shake’ are stored in mortuary to freeze;
Social distancing is an only antidote of fecund breeze,
It uses hour’s eyes to encircle and mark designated victims;
Atoms in atmasphere under macroscopic stethoscope just can’t see.

Now doors and windows are sectioned to be latched shut,
Containers of infected solar rays may n’er enter inverted huts;
Prescribing all Doctors not to cough even though eat puff of dust,
Neo carnival of masked eyes let not have arid tears to outburst;
Alas a strange color-play of robes in black backbites black outta’ thirst,
Dialysis of dual dialects diagnose Deuteronomy of Darwinian duet to contaminate first.

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