‘Awareness, Action, Education’. A strategy that need to be followed to save the various cities of our country


Amongst the political turmoil in the country, every newsheadline is about the on going rift between the Congress and B.J.P par-ties.
On the other hand the major news headlines that would have a long lasting impact on not just the economical structure of India but also quality of life that the people are striving for end up be-ing moved the smallest coloumns.
Shimla, which was once the summer capital of British India also famous for its neo-Gothic and Tudorbethan architecture during the colonial architecture.
Today, the same city is facing an extreme water crisis situation.
The problem is not that today the high court has ordered the suspension of all kinds of construction activities in suburbs and even advised the army personnel and others not to waste chlo-rinated water on watering grass or the golf courses.

The problem is not with the measures that the government is tak-ing to save the city that holds importance as a tourist destination but also has a huge historical imporatnce given the various ac-cords that took place in Shimla .

Global warming, melting of glaciers, the increasing temperatures these are things that we read every day in the newspaper and flip the page to read some gossip about the political scenario or about the bollywood updates.

It’s not the policies that I sit to blame but the awarness system .
“Awareness and Action’ these are two things that walk hand in hand along with the education system.
While, everyone sits to blame the government and its policies for the deprived state of the most beautiful cities of our country.
I believe that the flawed education system where children are forced to do the learn “what are the various water resources”. It’s high time they should be forced to follow it in ttheir daily life after school.
A chain needs to be formed where one good thought links to an-other.
If we have to save the planet for the future generation then we first need to enlighten the generation of the various shortcomings they will have to face in the near future.
This situation needs to be controlled and this can only be done through various measures that involve a ‘Awareness, Action and Education’ strategy.

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