Bridgerton Bedroom Value

Bridgerton Bedroom Interior Valued at a whopping £8,000


Bed Guru can reveal the estimated value of the bedroom interior featured in the hit series Bridgerton. Bridgerton is set in 1813, two years after the regency era came to fruition in the UK. The Regency era in the UK was a period at the end of the Georgian era, when George, Prince of Wales, governed the country as ‘Regent’, because of his father being declared as unfit to rule in 1811. The style of furniture in this era can be described as dark, elegant, and flamboyant.

The cast lived up to the regency style and never failed to look lavishing in their 1800’s outfits, and they truly lived like royalty in their luxuriously decked out bedrooms – but how much would the bedroom interior fetch in the real world?
According to expert antique appraisers at David Duggleby in collaboration with Bed Guru, the bedrooms featured in the hit series could be worth up to £8,000 each today.

The UK based antique valuer and bed and mattress provider estimated that if all the Bridgerton interior props were real, such as the bed, the chest of drawers and the artwork, they would be valued at £8,000, maybe even more!

To ensure an approximate valuation was given, Bed Guru enlisted the help of expert antique appraisers. Antique appraisers have an eye for desirable and authentic antiques, and the Bridgerton set certainly lived up to the antique regency generation.

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Below is a breakdown of the approximate cost of each item within the Bridgerton bedroom:

Key valuations:

1. Early 19th century French bedstead, the foot and headboard upholstered in cream Damask fabric £1,000-1,500

2. Early 19th century French Kingwood and walnut serpentine chest of three drawers £300-500

3. 19th century inlaid walnut pier glass cabinet with gilt metal mounts £200-300 (glass cabinet)

4. 19th century oval marble top table on gilt base £150-200 (between the chairs)

5. Early 19th century French two-tier side table with gilt gallery and mounts £200-300 (with the books on top)

6. Pair early 19th century French armchairs, painted in white and pale green with pale green Damask upholstery £800-1,200

7. Regency period gilt wood and gesso mirror with bevelled plate £500-700

8. Possibly Aubusson (?) early 19th century blue ground carpet £1000-1,500

9. Early 19th century French window seat, white paint, and parcel gilt, upholstered in raised gilt Damask fabric on white ground £600-800 (at the end of the bed)

10. Bed linen, Damask, and silk drapery £300-500

11. Circular tapestry £200-300 (far right)

12. Pair circular mezzotints £100-200 (centre)

13. Circular plaster cast of a figure £100-200 (far left)

So, if the Bridgerton bedroom interior caught your eye, but you’re not in the market to spend £8,000 on a bedroom renovation, check out the identical pieces below. Bed Guru have scoured the internet to find authentic-looking regency furniture that doesn’t cost a bomb, and you could get the Bridgerton Bedroom look for as little as £1,000 instead of £8,000!

Regency Style Bed

Regency Style Bedding

Regency Style Drawer

Regency Style Bedside table

Regency Style Chair

Regency Style Gold frame

Regency Style Rug

Regency Style Mirror

Regency Small table

So, will you be decking out your room to match Daphne Bridgeton’s?


• This research was conducted by Bed Guru –
• The owner of Bed Guru is Carl Walsh –
• The appraiser – David Duggleby Auctioneers & Valuers –
• Research was gathered in January 2020.
• For more information, please contact

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