How Employees Can Benefit from an Outdoor Office Space?




How many times did you feel trapped by the four walls of your office? Did you ever feel depressed knowing that there are sun, breeze and nature outside waiting for you while you’re stuck indoors? Well, there’s a chance your workers are feeling the same. As a matter of fact, spending time outside and even working in a natural environment is essential to your team’s well being and productivity and can result in overall better results of your business. If you’re still not convinced of the outdoor office space benefits, here are a few that will certainly inspire you to design one for your workplace.

Stress relief

Overworked and stressed employees seldom produce quality work. So, in order to help them deliver their best performance, providing them with a comfortable outdoor space is a great place to start. Fresh air and sunlight are natural stress killers that result in more productive and happier employees. Plus, when your office space has a well-designed outdoor space connected to it, your workers can take several beneficial short breaks or even take their work outside of the stuffy office.


Having an outdoor space offers a great opportunity for your team to relax and socialize. If equipped with a practical bar or coffee stations, it will ensure your workers will spend time in each other’s company instead of rushing to various coffee shops in the neighborhood. Spending time outdoors will help your team bond which improves employee workplace satisfaction and boosts worker retention.

Concentration boost

One of the biggest benefits of outdoor spaces and spending time outside is the sunlight. Sunlight replenishes the body with vitamin D and helps production of serotonin. Together they improve the mood and increase concentration which all result in happier and better employees. However, in order to create a practical and comfortable outdoor office space, it needs to be designed with a few elements in mind. Firstly, if the space is predicted for prolonged use, it needs to have ample protection from the elements yet good ventilation, especially in very hot climates. One great solution to this problem is practical commercial shade sails that offer sun and rain protection with excellent air circulation. Plus, they have a very modern look fit for all kinds of outdoor spaces.

Improvements in creativity

One of the best things you can do when you’re feeling uninspired is to change the scenario. Moving your work to another place results in a fresh take on tasks and problems in front of you. So, having a functional outdoor space within your office will allow workers to step outside. Spending time outdoors engages different senses, activates different parts of the brain and replenishes it with fresh oxygen which results in new ideas and a significant creativity boost.

Physical activity

Sitting for long periods of time not only creates tension and stiffness in the back and neck but also increases the risk of various diseases. So, providing your office workers with an outdoor space might get them off their chairs and inspire them to move. Even a short walk outside and back can have a beneficial effect on the human body which can result in a healthier and more relaxed team.

Better well being

Spending time outside has various restorative benefits. The sun and fresh air boost energy levels, relieve tension and anxiety and have a beneficial effect on the overall well being. Many modern offices of today design their work spaces around Biophilia, but taking this philosophy even further and giving your workers an opportunity to be surrounded by actual nature is proven even better. Improved well being in employees means better results, but also reduces the number of sick leave days which is better for the entire collective.
Outdoor office space will not only ensure happier, healthier and more productive workers but also attract new talents and people looking for a welcoming work environment. Plus, you don’t need to create a huge park within your company to notice results. A simple open patio, big balcony or roof can provide your workers and you with a much-needed break from the office.

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