“Pouring an Ounce Full of Mercy upon Us”


Just like a Peacock’s heart, which anxiously throbs;
To pulsate a vigorous thirst in it, in us;
We shamelessly etch on Mother Earth’s breasts;
To resonate and thrust our restlessness,
In vapors of liquid love here, there and everywhere;
Herein this scorching summer World,
Praying to the mighty but merciless Sun;
Prying to see it calm and come down,
To sink and unburn the humans;
In sync, we all culprit clowns,
So foolishly anticipate a sweet smell;
And wait for a fuliginous clouded fun,
Pouring an ounce full of mercy upon us;
In fluid droplets of dollars and pounds.

Unlike the stone-hearted deaf and dumb God,
In fact, the carbon coated water carriers;
Ears our pleas;
Responding in lightning and thunders,
To spit our glees;
Draining out our agonies,
Drenching barren lands,
Bringing back life into dried rivers nostril;
Nourishing anemic and verdant saplings,
Singing a lullaby to many sleepless and poor nights.

And here comes the rain again,
Showering some love;
For a life to remain;
But still we would continue to be,
Being inhumanely insane;
In search of a nonsense here,
Where we lose everything;
And leave absolutely no-thing to gain,
Ooh..!!! We would be born again here and there again;
To reap the same old curse of death,
Recurring in all for all;
From ash to ash,
And dust to dust;
We play the game of life in vain.

Thoughts poured @ 3:42 Hours
Dated as on 2nd June’ 2015

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