11 Most Bizarre Life Hacks You Never Knew Existed

11 Most Bizarre Life Hacks You Never Knew Existed

Since life hacks are so popular, we thought of adding some of our own. Tell us what you think and how many are you actually willing to try.

1 – Use Duct Tape and fork when there is no spoon in office
11 Most Bizarre Life Hacks You Never Knew Existed

Imagine somehow… in this bizarre universe… you get stuck with only a fork and not a spoon (such things do happen. Life is cruel like that. Sob!). During such instances, you can wrap a tape (assuming you have a tape. You cannot not have a tape and a spoon. May God help you in such case) around the fork and Lo! Behold! A makeshift spoon!

2 – Use toilet seat to have food while watching TV

Isn’t it so annoying to be watching TV and have to eat your dinner. Every time you bend down to pick at your food, you are going to miss important portions of the entertainment. Using a toilet seat as your table is the best hack in the world. It could change your life!

3 – Use the seat belt as a beer opener while driving

It is true that you must not drink before driving… But no one said anything about drinking while driving (Or have they?). In case you you don’t care about anyone’s life but are somehow worried about hurting your gums or having your teeth fall out, your seat belt comes to rescue. Imagine all the times you cried about having to wear the seat belt. Bet you are glad that you have one now!

4 – Use the laptop charger to heat up snacks

When you are so busy working and your food turns cold, what do you do? Don’t run to a microwave.. why would you consume energy unnecessarily, when you have your laptop charger already hot and ready to heat up cold food.

5 – Use a glass a water to magnify your phone

It’s not always that you have your glasses around. And forget about the phone settings that make the objects on screen appear larger.. I have no clue where that is and neither do you. But you can still magnify the contents on your screen. You know science, and you know how this trick works. Use it!

6 – Don’t brush your teeth, add toothpaste to food

Seriously! who needs brushing? The animals are doing fine without daily brushing their teeth… and so can we. But, in case you like how your toothpaste tastes… you can always consume it in different ways.

7 – How you get rid of debts

Is the burden of your debt killing you? It’s the best time to die then.

8 – Save money with this HACK

Imagine the cost of polishing nails and then using cotton and remover to take them off. What a waste of time, money and effort. Here is a simple hack. Let us know if this hack impacted your life.

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9 – Use ants to clear toaster of leftover bread pieces

You cannot wash a toaster.. or can you? Well, not sure about that. But the easiest way to clean is to delegate the work to the workers. Them ants… Get the tireless working force behind you. May their force always be with you.

10 – Use keyboard as hanger

Who uses keyboards these days? They have become as obsolete as radios. It’s the age of keypads.

So what do you do with old keyboards? Use them as hangers… Isn’t it the most obvious thing. Can’t believe you never thought of it. Don’t worry that’s why you have us. We’ll keep giving you such amazing hacks.

11 – Use glass cleaner to clean your contact lenses

It’s so annoying when there is dirt on your contacts. You just can’t seem to get rid of them no matter how hard you try. Don’t fret! Glass cleaners are made for a reason- To clean glasses.. Duh!


We are amazing right! Of course we are.

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