Rare Historical Photos


    1870 – The Only Living Photo Of A Quagga

    1884 – Statue Of Liberty Being Built In Paris
    statue of liberty

    1912 – A priest praying over the victims of the Titanic

    1922 – The Unbroken Seal On Tutankhamun’s Tomb
    Tutankhamun’s Tomb

    1928 – Filming Of The Opening Credits Of MGM

    Nikola Tesla Sitting In His Laboratory With His Magnifying Transmitter

    1932 – Workers Having Lunch On The 69th Floor During The Construction Of Manhattan’s Rockefeller Centre
    empite state building

    1936 – Man refusing to do the Nazi Salute

    1939 – A Russian Spy Smiling As He Is Being Executed In Finland

    1945 – A Sailor Kissing Nurse, Times Square, August 14

    1947 – Evelyn Mchale Leapt To Her Death From The Empire State Building And This Is Known As The Most Beautiful Suicide

    1957 – Dorothy Counts, The First Black Woman To Attend An All White School In The USA

    1958 – Elvis In The Army

    1960 – Fishing buddies Che Guevara and Fidel Castro
    che and fidel

    1967 – When Sweden Changed From Driving On The Left To Driving On The Right

    1973 – During the Oil Crisis, the roads were so deserted that people could have picnics on highways
    oil crisis

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