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8 Things You Would Do When Meeting Your Long Distance Boyfriend


Long Distance Relationships is all about Skype calls/Whatsapp Messages/Facetime etc. and when finally it’s time to meet, its like a special occasion, a festival even.  Here are 8 things you would do if you were meeting your long distance love.

1. Look Your Best
Omg! The date is coming close. It’s time to hit the gym, shop for the dresses, a round to the parlour and maybe buy some shoes (Oh wait! I needed a bag to go with my shoes too!). After all you don’t meet him everyday… It’s only natural to try to look your best the few times you do get to meet.

 Image : http://sadgirlsguide.com/
Image : http://sadgirlsguide.com/

2. Start Counting the days

You have been waiting for this moment for a long long time. Even if its been just a month, the wait feels like years. So you start counting the days, the hours, the minutes and even seconds (in case you’re obsessed).

 Image : relax.ru
Image : relax.ru

3. The Feeling Of Normal Couples

Finally, when you meet him, it feels perfect, just like any normal couple. You forget about the fights, misunderstandings or the insecurities that the distance creates between the two of you and all you can think of is how much you love him.

 Image : tumblr
Image : tumblr

4. Booked Schedule

You make sure that you have cancelled all the invitations from your family, friends and relatives (even go the extent of bunking work or college) so you can spend quality time with your boo-boo. Most of your friends know your booked for the next couple of days (every minute spent with him counts).

Image : http://runeatrepeat.com/

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5. A lot to catch up

You talk a lot and discuss about many topics (mostly about future 😛 ) like its been ages since you both have spoken about anything. And you never get enough of staring at each other.

Image : tumblr

6. Cant take your hands off each other in private time

With limited time to spend with each other, it’s obvious that all end up doing in those couple days is cuddle and hug each other all the time.

Image : tumblr

7. The sad part starts

You start counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds before it’s time for him to leave again. Everything you do together is reminding you that your that much closer to parting again.

Image : http://media2.giphy.com/

8. Finally the day has come

You wish he could stay longer (if only wishes came true!), time flew by when he was around. And now you are going to be left alone. You hug him tight and try to savour his presence for just a little while longer (and wish it could somehow be forever) and promise him that you would see him would wait for him and long to see him again.

Image : tumblr

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