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Power Rangers 2017

Five ordinary teens become something extraordinary. They become the Power Rangers

Best Ways To Make Your Slow Work Day Go Faster

Sometimes you have such a slow work day and are so bored with the work you’re doing, that the day seems to be passing...

KA-01-This Album Is Creating New Trends

KA-01 or Kannada album 01 (also called Kanasina album 01 with love) comes as a REVOLUTION in the Kannada Music Industry.   'Nan Kannadiga' is a super cool track...

Mansathva – A Short Film

A Short film made by animation students from Jain Animation School based on the harsh realities of the current world. Productions - Gadda Productions Written &...

10 Days That Felt Like 10 Years

Day 1: She knew she would not care. Wasn't she the most tough girl eh, sorry, woman in the world? Day 2: She almost did...

Which is Nerdier: Star Wars or Star Trek?



‘What has gotten into you today?’ her friend asked, skeptical if she should be worried.   ‘I feel hopeless…Depressed’, Reena could hear her voice from a...

Dialogues That Every School Teacher In India Use

For few of us the school days might be over, but there are few things that happen in school that we can never forget....

Facts About Pablo Escobar

Suddenly Pablo Escobar is the talk of the town, thanks to the Netflix original series Narcos, starring Wagner Moura as the druglord Pablo Escobar....

PPAP- Pen Pineapple Apple Pen- Two Indian Girls Version

Watch these two cute girls create their own version of PPAP. You will love them! Pen pineapple apple pen is sure catching up at...