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20 Signs That You Have Issues With Authority


No one wants being dictated in life in terms of dos and don’ts, right? But this situation can be avoided only to a certain extent, mostly on the personal front. In the professional field, it is almost always impossible to challenge authority.

If you are a person who has problem with authority, you will definitely relate to these signs:

1. But this was the whole reason we did this….

You try to find a logical angle for every issue as per your understanding. Leading to your attitude which says “My Way or No Way” and this leads to strained relations.

2. So? Why? How? Then?

You always used to question your parents regarding any advice during childhood and this habit doesn’t seem to leave you even now.

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3. You know what… Go to hell!

You have been always judged as the spoilt and stubborn brat in your teens and this tag still continues.

4. I’m not going to do it even if the CEO comes to my desk!

At times you tend to get into self-destructive mode when you are tired of listening to too much of what to do and what not to do.

5. Why’re you asking this? Do you think I can’t do it well?

Stability exists for you only in dictionary and you always get perturbed by the slightest question.

6. My manager is such a ##$$#%

Bosses are one such species whom no one likes but you have some extra problem with them.

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7. Let’s not do that way. Here’s how it’s actually done

Most of the times you take the role of a teacher in any project. This is because you cannot afford to be the obedient student.

8. Okay, will you let me talk?

In any sort of argument, most of the time you get to hear yourself say – “If you are done with what you have to say, can I start?”

9. I can’t be diplomatic doesn’t mean I’m a kid!

You constantly hear the phrase “Grow Up” from your close pals.

10. You think this task is way too difficult for me? Watch me do it!

Most of your close friends believe that the only way to get a work done through you is by subjecting you to reverse psychology.

11. I don’t wanna be a victim again

Some deep childhood scar has left you being defiant in every matter and so now you weigh everything in the similar fashion.

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12. Could your suggestion be more unreasonable

Most of the time you feel your words are not that negative but it is the tone of your voice causes the maximum damage.

13. I’m not angry! What face?

You cannot hide your inner feelings and it reflects on your facial expression or your body language which puts you under the scanner.

14. How can I ever be wrong?

It’s not possible for anyone to win every argument but you refuse to understand this.

15. Yeah, I know I can argue!

People close to you might have remarked that a legal profession would have been apt for you. That is not a compliment.

16. Stubborn and me? You’re so mistaken

Often you are subjected to adjectives like – stubborn, headstrong, and obstinate but you choose to describe yourself as determined, wilful, and resolute.

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17. Don’t just agree for everything!

At times people give up the argument with you and let you win because they are too tired to win a petty debate.

18. I’m not arguing. I’m just stating the facts.

You don’t participate in any discussion or debate of which you are not sure of and you prefer to do your homework before commenting on it.

19. I lost my job… I was the best out there!

Your belligerent attitude in life has landed you in some serious unnecessary problems and will continue to do so in future if you do not change it.

20. She just did not realise my importance

At times relations get affected but you fail to understand that with your logical shades on.

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